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We tend to pay attention more to how to decorate a bedroom with wondrous bedding style and cool furniture. However, don’t forget about lighting fixtures.  In fact, good lighting fixtures give a great impact on a bedroom appearance. Lighting fixtures will enlighten the bedroom and make a larger look. A gorgeous combination of lighting fixtures and ceiling will create a dramatic look too. Here we have sophisticated ideas on how to combine lamps, ceilings, and other bedroom pieces to get a cozy bedroom decoration.


Matching Table Lamp

We will find any bedroom with a bedside lamp. It deals with people’s habits to sleep well with minimum lighting at night. In this bedroom, the owner applies matching table lamps on both bedsides. This symmetrical bedroom design will work well for a contemporary tone.

Bedroom With Wooden Chandelier

A wooden chandelier might bring a masculine touch into a bedroom. But, women are allowed to stay here as well. With other wooden pieces in this place, the bedroom looks classic, rustic, and cozy. Anyone will love to stay more time here.

Brass Chandelier For Bedroom

Look at this bedroom that shows a wonderful lighting combination. There is a brass chandelier hang on the ceiling. The owner also add modern sconces on both side of the bed. Even the matching table lamp look chic and stylish.

Oversize Mount Lighting Fixture

The one who loves glamorous and stylish style will adore this bedroom decoration. It has an oversize mount lighting fixture that blends with the whole decor. Furthermore, there are two different lamps on the side table that work well to spruce up this bedroom appearance.

Multiple Light Source

Multiple light sources will make cause a great bedroom decoration. See the sophisticated chandelier hang from the ceiling that brings a sumptuous look. Then, it has matching black table lamps on the side tables. A back floor lamp completes this room with plenty of light every day.

Patterned Lampshade

We don’t have to apply a fancy lighting fixture to create a powerful bedroom look. This sleeping space has a patterned lampshade that works well with the whole decor. With its bold black-and-white lampshade , the lamp looks stand out.

Stylish Pendants

In this bedroom, we see mathing pendants on both sides of the bed. Those lighting fixtures also function as the wall accents that beautify the room. At night, those pendants give minimum lighting for a cozy sleeping time. Feel free to use the lamps for a more glamorous tone.

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