10 ideas to install your string light creatively fi

For you who needs a simple way to beautify your home decoration, then the string light could be the solution. It is really flexible to be installed in any space, any shape, and any spot. You might only familiar with the small bulb for the string light, but there are also varied bulbs that used in string light. That is why it could be really flexible for installation and utilization. Not only by simply straight it along around the space in installing the string light, but you can also create some shapes, words, or symbols that you want by using the string light. Here we have 10 ideas to install the string light creatively.


Word Shape Wall Light


Using string lights is an interesting idea for decorating ideas in your home. You can mount it on the wall and shape it into a word so that it will present a beautiful lighting. It will also become an attractive focal point in your home and will make your walls stand out even more. Word Shape Wall Light from Homedit.

Vanity Mirror Light


To make your vanity look more beautiful and attractive, you can add lighting there. You can attach string lights to your vanity mirror so that it will look more attractive and give perfect lighting to your vanity. Adding a white ribbon paired with string lights will make your vanity look perfect. Vanity Mirror Light from Homebnc.

Headboard Light


Adding lighting to the headboard is an interesting idea to complement the decorating idea in your home. Try using string lights to make your headboard look attractive. Installing a string light on the headboard with the shape of a house will produce a unique patterned lighting so that it looks attractive. Headboard Lighting from Homedit.

Chandelier String Light


Lighting is one of the things that can affect the decoration in your home. String light will be an interesting lighting idea in your home. Try making a chandelier by wrapping a circular frame in String Light and then hanging it from the ceiling so it looks beautiful and becomes a creative lighting idea. Chandelier String Light from Homebnc.

String Light Photo Display


Using string lights to complement the decor in your home is one very creative idea. You can use it to display photos in your bedroom. Installing a string light in the corner will be an attractive lighting in your bedroom and at the same time a place to display your photo collection so that it will look stunning. String Light Photo Display from Homebnc.

Ceiling String Light


Choosing to use string lights for lighting ideas in your home is an interesting idea that will never fail. You can use it for decorating your bedroom to bring out its own charm. It is a good idea to put string lights on the ceiling so that they will provide a beautiful light and look like a star-studded night. Ceiling Tring Light from Homedit.

Wall Vine Light


You can use string lights for lighting ideas in your home to make it look more beautiful. Try attaching the vines to the wall, then adding string lights there. So that it will make your walls look beautiful and can be the perfect focal point. Wall Vine Light from Archzine.

Bed Canopy Light


Canopy beds are the right choice to complement your bedroom decor. Adding lighting to the canopy bed is one way to enhance your bedroom decor. Try adding the string light to the canopy bed so that it will give a bright and beautiful look. White Bed Canopy Light from Architectureartdesigns.

Window Light


To enhance your home decor, adding lighting to windows is an interesting idea. You can attach white curtains and add string lights to the window frame so that it will give a beautiful look and provide the perfect lighting. So that your home decoration looks more attractive and can inspire everyone who sees it. Window String Light from Digsdigs.

Threshold Light


Adding lights to your door is one way to present a beautiful and attractive appearance. You can choose string lights for lighting ideas to offer beautiful lighting at night. Attach a string light to the inner door frame so that it works well for a beautiful lighting. Threshold Light from Homebnc.

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