As spring is here, most American homeowners have a declutter project in mind after a long and lazy winter. It makes sense to purge your living space and create more space for the new stuff you have on your wishlist. Moreover, a deep clean and clutter will bring fresh vibes and lots of energy to keep you going in another year at home. But the biggest struggle with declutter projects is that you have a tough time discarding things, even when you don’t need them. Here are some smart ideas that can make the project easier to handle. 

Write down your goals

The best piece of advice for homeowners planning a decluttering spree this spring is to write down the goals. It is easy to miss out on things amid a stressful situation like the ongoing pandemic. Take an initial tour of the house and take stock of everything that you haven’t used for the last few months or do not plan to use soon. Once you have things on paper, the temptation to retain stuff will be easy to overcome.

Take a systematic approach

Eliminating the useless stuff from your living space becomes easier if you take a systematic approach. Work from room to room, picking one room at a time because it will make the task less stressful. Consider doing one room a day, perhaps a couple of hours every evening. Remember to clear the kitchen and bathrooms as well. Take short breaks so that you can get ample rest and start fresh with renewed energy. 

Cut the paper load

A typical spring cleaning project involves clearing away old furniture, appliances, clothing, shoes, and toys. But you must also work on cutting the paper load this season. Have a look at your documents and eliminate ones that are dated. Organize the important ones in files. Clear the clutter from your computer because redundant files and documents only add to the stress and slow down your device. 

Have a proper arrangement for disposal

When it comes to clearing stuff, you have to plan for disposal too. Selling the old stuff is a good idea as it can get you some extra dollars. You may donate things to a local charity. However, you may have to dispose of some items as waste, and regular bins may not have enough space to accommodate them. If you live in Birmingham, you can easily find the best Dumpster Rental Birmingham to help you with the disposal. The process is affordable and hassle-free, and you can focus on the project rather than worry about disposal.

Organize the remaining stuff

The final step of a successful spring declutter process is organization. You will not want to struggle to find things the next time you need them. Group like things together and allocate separate areas for storing them. If you are prone to forgetting things, write the details on paper and tape the list on your refrigerator. A good organization helps you make the most of the available space and cuts down stress. 

A successful spring declutter project makes your living space feel fresh and light. You have fewer things to manage and stress about. So go ahead and start purging!  

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