Selling your house can be a huge hassle if you are new to this game. From afar, it might look terribly simple and straightforward, but once you get into it, you realize that it is not all fun and games. You need to consider various factors/angles before you start showing your house to potential clients. You might feel pressured with all the things that you need to do to make things simple. We have made a small checklist that you can follow for a seamless and favorable deal.


Once you have decided that you want to sell your house, the next step should be to make sure that your house is in a condition for selling. No buyer would be impressed walking into a house with doors off their hinges or a broken window. It is your responsibility to check all the rooms and the entire property for repairs as a seller. Leaking faucets, damaged walls, broken glass, and many more things need to be repaired immediately.


Sometimes just repairs aren’t enough, especially if you want to ask for a price on the higher side. Any property that looks attractive will fetch more money compared to that of a dull-looking one. Get fresh paint on the walls, maintain the garden a bit more vigilantly, get designer lights, and so on. Some simple upgrades can get you a lot more on the whole price simply because your property looks welcoming and fresh.

Property Valuation

The property valuation is a significant factor when you settle the actual asking price of the house. You may think that it is easy to find out the price of the property, but you need to calculate it after considering many factors that you might not be aware of. Experts at Signature Home Sales suggest contacting the professionals for a proper valuation without errors. Any miscalculation will lead you to quote a higher or a lower price which will eventually make it harder for you to sell your property.


Advertising your property is an important task as it will be the deciding factor on what type of buyers you get. Proper advertising will enable you to not only get more potential buyers but will also get you a better deal in the end. Getting the right type of advertisement is paramount. It’s best to contact an experienced marketing company that will know how best to promote the sale of your property.

Professional Property Dealers

To close the deal on the desired amount is not the last task. Countless documents need to be filled, exchanged, and verified. All the paperwork needs to be in order. All these things might be out of your expertise level, so it is advisable to contact a property dealer for such chores. The dealer will help you out with almost everything, from finding your buyers to keeping the amount in your favor. In the end, the dealer will charge a small percentage, usually 1% of the total sale amount.

Selling your house is a time-consuming process. There are times when the whole procedure, from preparing the house for a sale to the final documentation, is done within a matter of days, but mostly it takes nothing short of a couple of weeks. Follow this list for a seamless procedure and to get the best value for your house.

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