3 things that you need to know before buying copper cookware 2

To have a really functional kitchen decoration for your cooking activity, you should provide the best cookware. Here, we recommend you to have copper cookware. Although copper cookware is expensive, I think it is worth the money especially for you who love to cook. The way how copper cookware helps you cook your food and how it helps you to increase the taste of the foods are some of the many reasons why you should have copper cookware. And but before you go and decide to buy copper cookware, here are 3 Things That You Need To Know Before Buying Copper Cookware.


Copper VS Cast Iron

While many people use Iron to cook their food, fewer people know that copper cookware is a great conductivity for heat. Even though cast iron capable to holds onto heat very well, it’s prone to hot spots and heat slowly.


Nothing is perfect in this world, this includes copper cookware. Although it is good for heat conductivity, copper can leach to foods, especially when it comes to acids like Vinegar and tomatoes. And to solve this problem, you can choose copper cookware with lined tin on it. The downcast for Tin Lined Copper is its low melting point, this the reason why you should not preheat or use them for very high-heat searing.


One more factor to look at when buying a copper pan is its thickness. The general thickness that is good for your copper pan is around 2.5 to 3mm. if adding more to the thickness then it will be harder to use your copper cookware. But if it’s less than 2mm thick, then it can only serve as decorative cookware. It look nice but useless.

Its true copper cookware is expensive, but sometimes you can buy a vintage product that worth around 10 to 20 dollars from the original hundredth dollar, but before deciding to buy this, you also need to check the lining for the cookware because lined copper cookware is a newly developed idea. That is why you need to give extra attention to this aspect.

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