With the stork’s visit to your home due very soon, you need to prepare for the new arrival. 

Did you know that the moment your little ones open their eyes, they start absorbing things around them? All they see get filed in their memory, and the best nursery wall decals help shape and develop them throughout their growing years. 

The Developing Stages

Between the ages of 3 to 6 months, your little angel learns to sit up and stand on with support. This is when they start noticing small objects. The stage between 9 and 12 months is crucial because they start recognizing people and pictures. They start getting curious and begin crawling and exploring. 

Here are some great nursery wall decal ideas:

Create a Peaceful Atmosphere

A baby doesn’t like clutter and confusion because that can cause excessive stimulation. They need a comfortable and peaceful atmosphere that is conducive to their sleep. 

Keeping your baby’s nursery free of clutter and well-organised prevents situations where you carry the baby and hunt for misplaced things. Keep daily-use things handy; probably a closed, cute wall cupboard will help organise things better. 

Keep the Nursery Free of Harsh Light

A baby needs to sleep nearly 16 to 18 hours a day. Tone down the lighting a bit and keep the windows covered with dark curtains to keep out the harsh light. It helps simulate the night, even during the day, and lets your baby have a sound sleep.

Maybe a comfortable rocking chair placed in the nursery would help you rock your baby to sleep. You don’t have to run to another room looking for a chair. 

Decorated Walls and Ceiling

While you have to keep out the harsh light, you don’t have to keep the nursery walls drab. Search online to find some exciting options to do up the walls and ceiling to make your baby more curious about the things and objects around it. 

A brightly painted wall adds to the décor of a baby’s nursery and kindles the curiosity of your baby too. Add colourful pictures of birds and animals. Look for some interesting ideas and the best nursery wall decals you can find online. 

Decorating the ceiling allows you to add something contrasting and exciting to grab your baby’s attention. Babies lie on their backs most of the time when they are awake and also when they are asleep. They probably spend more time staring at the ceiling than looking at your face. 

Adding a new and exciting design on the ceiling and matching designs on the walls catches your baby’s fancy and entertains them all day long. 

Wall Stickers

Adding colorful wall stickers doesn’t cost a bomb and helps improve the décor of your baby’s room. You can either paste a huge wall sticker covering almost half the wall or a range of stickers depicting several baby themes. 

Stickers in soothing pink and pleasing blue will undoubtedly help. With a wide range of categories, choosing a wall sticker shouldn’t pose a problem.  

Anticipating a baby’s arrival in the household is probably the most exciting part of anyone’s life. The joy and excitement of doing up the baby’s nursery can be a captivating experience.

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