Minimalist kitchen design for maximalist kitchen style 2

Sometimes it quite problematic to simplify kitchen design because there is a lot of stuff that you need to install in your kitchen like the built-in oven and microwave. And most people having a hard time designing their kitchen, especially when people have limited space, or live in a small apartment. And because of that, today I’d gather some minimalist kitchen designs that will maximize your space availability.


You can build a long kitchen bar with a complete kitchen set as a place to cook and wash your plate at the same time. This will save extra space in your kitchen, moreover black and white color will add a contemporary feel to your design.

If you have limited space in your apartment, then you can try this design. The build-in kitchen set will help you to solve the space problem, while multiple stacking shelves will help you to keep your stuff in check.

Another build-in kitchen set to help you with your space problem. We also love how black and white make the room looks bigger.

This is another build in Kitchen-set with a couple of open shelves for important kitchen stuff. We also love how the Yellow color makes it looks colorful and cheerful. Moreover, by combining it with white color, your kitchen will look brighter.

Look how the designer uses this small room for the kitchen. The build-in shelf and kitchen set will help you to maximize the room, while the folded-table on the wall will help you to solve the dining table problem.

Or you can also try this design. The long kitchen bar for the kitchen set will save a lot of space, while the built-in oven and microwave help you to conveniently cook in your limited space.

Or you can also try this design by building the shelves vertically. You can also put some less-used stuff in the upper tier of the shelf, while the most-used stuff in the bottom tier of the shelves.

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