If you’re a Chattanooga homeowner, the chances are excellent that your house will require its fair share of maintenance. Minor home repair projects, hanging a door, or replacing a leaky faucet keep coming up and require you to work with a handyperson to carve these things out.

Now that your paradise is your number one asset, it becomes essential to hire a reliable, experienced, and trustworthy handyman to put your confidence to do your job right. Before you hire your first handyman for your Chattanooga home, there is a list of things that must be on your list. And, the experts exclaim never signing the dotted line until you consider these. 

  • Do the Research:

Whether you’re looking for a painter, a plumber, or other skilled-handyman, always dwell in apt research. You get a list of handymen in Chattanooga when you search the internet, including their cost guides. All you’ve to do is use these resources to galore out the valuable chunk of information regarding your potential hire. 

Some of the details you should consider are testimonials and reviews, average price information in your area, current work portfolios, license numbers, and project experience. Using this information as a starting point for your research helps you in making a trusted decision. 

  • Define your scope of work:

Always write down the home repairs you feel the need for. Keep in mind that small jobs like patching drywall, installing light fixtures, interior painting are ideal for a handyman. If you think that a repair job like electrical wiring or moving plumbing requires an expert, consider hiring a licensed contractor. 

  • Reach out to a local business for easy and quick repairs:

If you’re a homeowner who’s just looking for one or two things and isn’t too insistent about seeking a personal referral, consider simply calling a service located in the neck of the woods. You’ll be lucky if you find a service that loans subcontracted workers for small-sized projects. These may include fixing a broken tile or replacing a damaged deck railing. 

Make sure that the handymen service you hire has the training to perform the requisite tasks. Thus, it is always advisable to read the terms of service. Some companies may charge hidden fees or may expect the homeowner to cover the cost of necessary materials and tools. 

  • Ask about guarantees and examine their work:

Many handymen guarantee that their work will last for at least one year. Thus, it is always better to eliminate the scope of confusion, right away while making your hiring decision and be upfront about the costs and guarantees. Also, scrutinize the finished work before paying and ensure that all the work is done as per your liking at an agreed price. 

  • Never go with the lowest bidder:

Everyone wants to save a buck or two, and you’re no different. Whenever it comes to home improvement, nobody wants to hire the lowest bidder. There can be a possibility that the lowest bidding handyman you choose might skip corners, delay work, or may not work well to meet your standards. 

Thus, choose wisely. However, if you still feel that the lowest bidding person sounds too good to be true, believe your instincts and go with them. 


Overall, it becomes essential to choose a person you trust when thinking of a handyman. If you’ve established a bond during the process, the chances are excellent that the professional is a suitable choice for the project of your beloved paradise. 

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