Make your own sanctuary with these amazing modern wooden bed design 2

Do you know why I say the bedroom is a Sanctuary? Because it’s the place to relieve stress and a place where we can lay down and enjoying our own time while reading books, watching movies, or talking with our loved ones. That is why we need to design our bedroom as best as we can. Talking about the bedroom, we are captivated by the current modern wooden bed design. Not only its look amazingly rustic, but it also blends very well when we combine it with a different type of bedroom design. That is why we want to share this amazing design with you, and hopefully, you can use it for your reference on designing your own bedroom. Take a look at Make Your Own Sanctuary With These Amazing Modern Wooden Bed Design.


The combination of a wooden bed platform with a modern floating shelf gives you a feeling of serenity. Moreover, the white floor will make your bedroom look elegant. You can also use a contrast color for the final touch, and in this picture, the designer uses yellow color for the pillow as a centerpiece.

Imagine when you come back from work and you lay down on your wooden bed while looking at the white color in your room, will become the perfect sanctuary to relieve your stress. We also love how the designer use the spare space between the wall and the wardrobe as a bookshelf, it’s brilliant idea for you who have limited space.

Going full with wood design is also an amazing idea that you can try. Just like in this picture, the wooden bed platform, with a wooden floor and wall gives you a feeling of going back to nature.

Do you know what’s more amazing than a modern wooden bed design? It’s a huge painting hanging above your headboard. And with this, you can admire your favorite painting while you resting yourself on your wooden bed.

This wooden bed design not only looks modern and gives you rustic style but also will give you a feeling of Royalty when you lay down on it.

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