Striking headboard ideas to express creativity in your lovely bedroom2

When we change our bedroom’s headboard, it will dramatically give a big impact. A headboard can be replaced with the new one without breaking up the whole decor. There are various headboard styles that might work well with our bedroom. Some people even make DIYs to express their feeling and creativity. In this article, we will show you our lists of headboard ideas that will improve your bedroom appearance. It will change the bedroom’s atmosphere without overthinking it. Check out them further below!


Headboard With Bold Geometric Pattern

Instantly, the headboard with a bold color becomes the focal interest of this bedroom. It has a cool design with an iceberg shape that anyone will pay attention directly to it when they come to this bedroom. Others are done well with neutral and soft colors that make the headboard so stands out.

Wall Headboard Appearance

In this bedroom, we are given a cool headboard that functions as the wall backdrop as well. It has a different surface with other walls and completed with built-in shelves. Anything in this bedroom remind us about the beauty of natural views.

Art Deco Headboard

This headboard looks so eye-catching. Anyone who comes to this bedroom will directly notice the bedroom with art deco style. See how the round mirror reflects the ceiling that gives a cool and futuristic look. Your kids will love this headboard look as well.

Double Duty Headboard

In this bedroom, we see a double-duty headboard that looks so vintage with wood basic materials. It is the back of an antique vintage armoire that functions to keep the clothes. Furthermore, it gives a private dressing area as well.

Old Room Divider

We adore this bedroom design with Victorian touches. It has a five-panel cane that looks so rustic with a warm feeling. The two pendants hang on it also add dramatic interest. Completed well with two side tables, this bedroom is a dreamy bedroom for the one who loves a Victorian style.

 Headboard With Painted Doors

The headboard is made of doors painted in blue. It combined well with two twins pendants besides. Moreover, the shades of blue colors applied to the bedding style make this bedroom looks so perfect. White walls make anything in this bedroom stand out.

Curtain Headboard for Bedroom

When it comes to winter, decorating our bedroom in this style may work well. It looks so mind-blowing with a curtain headboard and a rustic table.

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