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The kitchen is one of the important parts of the home because the chef will make a decision on what meals will be served every day. Therefore, having the best kitchen style is always been a dream for every homeowner. Here, a simple design such as applying the contemporary accent cabinets can be the choice. There are still so many choices in giving simple touches to your kitchen. Thus, here are the ideas of Breathtaking Modern Cabinet Ideas For Your Minimalist Kitchen. 


Matte Grey

Grey is a popular color, especially for a minimalist style. Here, matte grey works perfectly for you who want a masculine approach to your kitchen with a hint of modern. Look at this matching technique, match grey cabinets for the ultimate cohesive touch to create the room look larger.

Bold Style For Minimalist

Let your minimalist style go with a bold cabinetry display. Going boldly entitles you to have rich, vibrant colors, and embracing the size of the room. Moreover, consider having a contrasting color palette to create an appealing kitchen display. One tip for you, when you are working with a bold hue, ensure you use it throughout the entire room for a cohesive bright, and alive look.

Lacquered White

Having lacquered white cabinets is one of the great ways to work on expanding your room whole allowing you to have unique touch in the kitchen space. The existence of lacquered white give your kitchen a hint of modern style.

Open And Airy

Somehow, open cabinetry can be intimidating. If you are not sure about open cabinets, you can mix and match them with traditional cabinets. It will breaks down the appeal of open cabinets while having a traditional touch.

Black And Marble

Choosing black is a great idea for a kitchen that needs an elegant yet edgy approach. Besides, it also becomes more minimal and grander when it is paired with a marble island. Thus, you can keep your black cabinets choc and sleek and aesthetic kitchen presentation.

Cerused Oak

Let your kitchen be the main focus with cerused oak cabinets. Here you can ensure the rest of the room is simple and minimal. Cerused oak is one of the lightest forms to bring light in your space.

Deeper Wood

This darker wood is great to give an edgy touch that is smart to create elegance and togetherness of the entire room. Do not forget to ensure you have lighter bits for a contrasting approach to bring a lighter presentation.

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