It comes as no surprise that the way your home looks determine the value of your house. So it would be best if you upgrade your home beauty every once in a while. No wonder you might have put in all your efforts and creativity to make the interior of your home look homey and peaceful. However, have you ever thought about the exterior?

The exterior of your home gives your place a new look, so you need to spend a considerable amount of time planning appropriately to make it shine. It must look good even when viewed from the street and should be sustainable. Are you in search of ideas to give your home exterior a new and fresh look? Then you have just come to the right place. Take a look at the list below to learn some exciting and innovative ways for upgrading your home exterior:

1. Pay Attention to Landscape

Do you wish to give your home exterior a serene and delightful sight? If yes, the best way is to take out some time to manage your house’s landscape. Place some beautiful plants and shrubs in your lawn to give the home exterior some life and colors. If you already have laid out some plants and flower pots on the property, spend some time carefully looking after them.

Although the weather in some areas of Canada may get brutal, you may experience spring too. Nevertheless, you want to be fully prepared for all the seasons when it comes to landscaping. You can improve your home’s look by hiring some professionals. For instance, if you are in Alberta, you can search online for lawn maintenance Alberta to get plenty of snow removal and lawn maintenance options. A beautiful lawn creates an attractive environment and increases the value of your property for sure.

Does the front porch of your home have one central light? Although that might be enough, try adding few more lights to upgrade your home exterior. Lighting will not only enhance the ambiance of your home at night-time but can also give your house a classy look. Do you think you are tight on a budget and can’t add extra lighting to your property? No worries, you can illuminate your home exterior with just two lights. Make sure to put those lights in the area where your house gets more attention, such as the front door or entryway. 

2. Paint a Fresh Coat

One of the most exciting yet straightforward ways to give your home exterior a refreshing look is painting a fresh coat to your property. Make sure to keep your color palette with simplistic and contemporary colors to make your home look more elegant. Nothing looks worse than the bright elements with a lot of texture. A best practice is to choose at most three colors to paint and select one to emphasize the beautiful parts of your home. In this manner, you can distract the eyes from the negative features of your house. Be mindful to choose the color palette that goes with your home style. Moreover, if you have a sufficient budget, try to paint the exterior every season to make your house look more versatile.

3. Upgrade Roof

The most overlooked aspect of your home exterior is the roof. It can do wonders to your curb appeal if done right. Replace the old and shabby roof with a new one with some architectural textures. You can also opt for bitumen roof sheets instead of traditional shingles. Not only will it give a good and refreshing look. It will also reflect ultraviolet radiation in your home.

With a new roof, you won’t have to worry about water leakage or mold removal. If you wish to make your home trendy, go for a metal roof with a light color scheme. You can redo your roof using old tiles to give a concrete and older style appeal to your home.

4. Give a New Look to Windows

An old and rusty window gives off an impression of neglect. People will eventually assume that the inside will also be the same as the windows. Therefore, make sure you pay extra attention to the windows. Clean out dust every day so that it remains energy efficient for a more extended period.

If you wish to step things up, tap into your creative skills and remodel windows’ design. It doesn’t have to be a time-intensive task; select a bespoke window that fits well according to the given space’s dimension.

5. Add Little Details

Have you ever considered adding some minute details to your home exterior and give it a charming appeal? If not, now is the time to take your home exterior to the next level by placing small stuff and making it look unique from your neighbors. You can place small and refreshing flower pots to give your property a mini garden feel. You can also purchase a durable doormat to keep the dirt away and provide a warm welcome to your guests. You can also set up a nice and small bench near your front door that suits your home décor and offer to seat someone waiting for you.

6. Get a New Mailbox

Every home requires a mailbox to receive mails and post letters. How about you replace the ragged and worn-out mailbox with a new one? Creatively paint it with a color that complements the theme. Or better yet, purchase a new mailbox. You can even get the mailbox customized according to your requirements. Also, don’t forget to utilize the parts of the old mailbox in other innovative DIY activities.

7. Renovate House Number

It might seem like a minor makeover; however, house numbers can add beauty to your front door. You don’t need to go all stylish and add fashionable numbers. Pay a visit to the nearest store and look out for metallic, brass, or wooden numbers.

Wrapping Up

After coming home from a long and hectic day, a fully-furnished exterior can lighten up your mood and make you feel better. It doesn’t matter if you are willing to sell your home or not; you must pay good attention to the curb appeal. Still unsure from where to start? Look at your house from the street and notice what kind of touch-ups you need on the exterior. Who knows, by doing so, your neighbors might also get inspired and start revamping their house exterior.

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