10 hacks for your home improvement fi

You should be creative if you want to have a functional on-budget home improvement. If you have a willingness to see around, there are really a lot of things that can be utilized to create something functional related to your home. You can use the new stuff and add the functional value of that stuff or make use of the old stuff and giving it the new value by having the hack project. Here, you should think twice before throwing away your old stuff in case that can be used to make something useful. Here are the mind-blowing ideas that you can copy or adapt for your easy and cheap home improvement hack. Hope you can find the one that matches your needs.


PVC Storage


Using PVC for storage ideas in your home is a very creative idea. You can use white PVC to create a collection idea in your home. Then you can install PVC on the pegboard and use it to store small items such as pencils, ice cream sticks and others. DIY PVC Storage from Familyhandyman.

PVC Tool Pocket


Try to make a DIY PVC tool pocket at home to keep your equipment neat and orderly. First you have to prepare the PVC that has been cut, then you can install it on the board. Then you can use it to store garden tools and add name tags on the front so it looks better. Garden Tools Storage from Hative.

PVC Bike Rack


To keep your bike neatly organized, you must have a rack. Try making a DIY bicycle rack using PVC so that it looks creative. After preparing the equipment you can start assembling the PVC into a rack and use it to place your bike so that it looks organized. White PVC Bike Rack from Familyhandyman.

Egg Carton Planter


If you have egg carton, you can use it as a planter so that it will present its own charm. Try painting egg carton with light yellow watercolor to make it look more beautiful. After the paint is dry, you can use it to plant herbs so that it will look unique and attractive. Painted Egg Carton Planter from Livspace.

Fabric Wine Cover


Using rags to make a wine cover is a creative idea at a low cost. You can make a wine cover with a patterned fabric by sewing it. After sewing, you can use it to cover your wine bottle so it will look more attractive. Patterned Fabric Wine Cover from Diyjoy.

Wine Cork Vase


Try to make a DIY flower vase to complement your home decor to make it look more beautiful. You can use wine corks to make creative-looking flower vases. After preparing the equipment, you can assemble the cork wine into a beautiful and attractive vase. DIY Wine Cork Vase from Countryliving.

Toilet Paper Hack


You can use the toilet paper roll to make something more useful to express your creativity. Try to make a pencil holder using a toilet paper roll at home. Then you can coat the paper roll pencil holder with polka dots so that it will make it look more beautiful. DIY Paper Roll Pencil Holder from Theseamanmom.

Hanger Shoe/Sandal Organizer


If you have a used hanger, you can turn it into an attractive shoe storage. You can cut the hanger and bend it upward so that it can be used to hang the shoes. Then you can hang it on a metal pipe hook for an organized look in an easy and low cost way. DIY Hanger Shoes Organization from Womansday.

Ice Cream Stick


Making DIY photo frames at home is one of the right ways to express your creativity. First, you have to prepare equipment such as ice cream sticks, glue, patterned paper, paint for painting and so on. Then cover some of the ice cream sticks with patterned paper and paint some more. After everything is finished you can arrange it into a beautiful and attractive frame. Stick Photo Frame from Modpodgerocksblog.

Ice Cube Hack


If you have ice cubes, you can use them for pancake molds so they are more multifunctional. First you have to make pancake dough according to the recipe you want first. Then you can put the pancake batter into the ice cube so that it will make your pancakes look better. Pancake Molds Ice Cube from Eatthis.

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