6 unexpected and inspiring shelf design for your minimalist kitchen 2

Creating a shelf for a minimalist kitchen is always a challenge for us because we need to make sure it matches the space that we have, and most importantly it should match the style that we use in our kitchen. And most of us spend hours and hours surfing on the internet just to find inspiration on what kind of shelf that we want to build.


Making a shelf in your kitchen is actually not as difficult as you think, you just need a little push and an idea will pop out In your head. And today we will give you that little push and help you in designing the best shelf for your kitchen. Take a look at 6 Unexpected And Inspiring Shelf Design For Your Minimalist Kitchen.

1. Bold Shelf

To balance your minimalist kitchen, then you need a bold shelf. This design will add a bold touch to your minimalist kitchen, and at the same time, this vertical shelf will become a centerpiece to attract a lot of envious gazes.

2. Arch Shelf

The arch shelf is one of the unique designs that you can use in your kitchen. Not only it looks pretty, but this arc shelf also blends very well with a lot of decoration. So, you don’t need to worry about what kind of decoration or plates that you’ll put inside.

3. A Tiered Shelf

A tiered shelf not only looks fancy in your kitchen, but it’s also a great choice when you combine it with a marble slab or natural stone.

4. Wooden Shelf

It may look simple but when you put it in your kitchen it will look classic and elegant. it truly a masterpiece for the minimalist kitchen shelf.

5. Long and Single Shelf

If you already have a gorgeous slab of marble, then you don’t need a tiered shelf, all you need is only a single and long shelf. And then you just need to add some decoration to make it looks prettier.

6. Unexpected Book Nook

If you have spare space and don’t know what to do with it, then why don’t you try this book nook idea? Not only this look great, but you can always use the unused books for decoration.

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