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When you live in a flat, commonly you will only get a small space. Here, you should consider the decoration so that you can maximize your space to be a comfortable occupancy. For your consideration, since you only have the small one, then it is better for you to apply the simple decoration. In case you are worried that the decoration will be boring, then you can surely have the aesthetic one. Here, what you have to do is just adding a little bit of artistic touch so that the minimalist concept could be seen as aesthetic. Confused with the ideas? Go down for the detailed decoration example and the explanation.


Decorating a flat living room with shades of white and gray is the right choice so that it will present an elegant appearance. LED lights for lighting ideas in your living room will make your flat decor look even better. Then the floating storage cabinets on the side will present an aesthetic appearance that can inspire many people. Blue Cabinet from Home-designing.


Wall decoration is one of the ornaments that can enhance your flat decor. If you have a guitar collection, you can use it to decorate your wall. Simply hang your guitar on the wall from the smallest size to the big one so that it will bring its own attraction to your home decor. Guitar Wall Decor from Aapartmenttherapy.


You try to add aesthetic decoration to your flat decoration to make it look better. You can hang a macramé on top of your bed so that it makes an attractive wall decoration filled with artistic touches. Adding other ornaments such as guitars, mirrors and others will make your walls stand out more. Wall Hanging from Aapartmenttherapy.


To get an aesthetic look at your flat decor, try to add a touch of art there. Abstract paintings and wall hangings will present an attractive appearance and make your walls stand out more. You can add fairy light to the frame of the painting so that it will present its own characteristics and can become a focal point in your home. Big Abstract Painting from Aapartmenttherapy.


Using the Room divider for decorating your apartment is the right idea so that it won’t present an attractive appearance. You can use a room divider made of wood with a unique shape. Adding an LED light at the top to your lighting idea will make your flat décor look more aesthetic. Unique Wooden Room Divider from Decoist.


The narrow apartment decoration with white and orange nuances looks bright and cheerful. Using a room divider is the right solution for decorating your barrow apartment so that it will look better. You can use the wooden beam room divider which is painted white so that it will present its own charm with a classic touch. Wooden Beam Room Divider from Interiorzine.


Choosing white nuances for your flat decoration idea is the right idea so that it looks simple but still elegant. Using textured walls will bring an aesthetic appearance to your apartment so that it will look better. The sofa which is equipped with floral cushions will bring comfort to your apartment. Wall Texture from Interiorzine.


Using brick expose in your apartment decoration will present a stunning appearance. Adding metal shelves there will bring an aesthetic look with an industrial touch to your apartment. It will also bring out its own charm and become the perfect focal point in your flat decoration. Brick Expose and Metal Racks from Interiorzine.


Completing an apartment decoration with a room divider is the right idea so that it will present an attractive appearance. You can use a multi-functional room divider so that it is more effective and efficient. Using the bottom of the room divider to place the fireplace and tv stand at the top so that it looks perfect. Multifunctional Room Divider from Decoist.


To make your apartment decoration look more attractive, you can add an aesthetic touch to your apartment. Room divider is one that can affect the decoration of your apartment. You can create a unique room divider made of wood so that it will bring the perfect natural touch to your flat decor. Wooden Room Divider from Decoist.


If you want to make your flat decoration look more attractive and extraordinary, you can try new things. Using a room diver is a simple way to perfect the decor of your apartment. A multifunctional room divider equipped with a tv stand is the right choice so that it is more effective and can create an aesthetic touch. Multifunction Room Divider from Decoist.


Using textured walls in your flat decoration is one way to create a perfect aesthetic appearance there. Choosing to use wooden walls in an uneven position can provide additional storage space in your home. You can also place the tv there so that it will be more effective and efficient. Wall Texture from Designrulz.


Bringing an aesthetic touch to your flat bedroom decor is an interesting idea so it will look stunning. You can use textured wooden walls so that it will present its own charm in your bedroom. Adding lighting behind a wall texture will create a beautiful and stunning appearance. Wooden Wall Texture from Designrulz.


You can use textured walls to bring an ecstatic look to your flat bedroom. Hexagon textured dining made of concrete will bring the perfect touch of art to your bedroom. Adding a sconce to the lighting idea will make it look even more stunning. Hexagon Wall Texture from Designrulz.


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