20 accent wall ideas to beautify your home decoration 2

Besides the inside part of your home, walls are the ones that should be considered to be given with the treatment. Although you love simplicity, you can’t let your wall be that empty, right? Well, if you don’t like to install ornament, painting, or any wall art, then we can give you the solution. Here, you can simply create the accent wall where your wall can still being empty but not boring at all with all of the texture or pattern. Even more, you can have the artistic one although without installing any piece of artwork. Awesome, right? Here you go! Enjoy these 20 accent wall design ideas for your inspiration.


Using textured walls is an interesting idea to enhance your bedroom decor so that it looks more attractive. You can choose a small hexagon texture on the wall above the bed to bring its own charm to your bedroom. Adding sconce lights to your textured walls will enhance your décor so that it looks perfect. Hexagon Wall Texture from Home-designing.


To enhance your bedroom decor, try playing on wall decorations. You can use a textured wooden wall with geometric patterns so that it will look interesting. The hidden lights behind the walls will bring a beautiful look to your bedroom. Wooden Wall Texture from Home-designing.


The wall is one that can affect the decor of your bedroom. Try using textured walls to accent your dining so it will look better. Don’t forget to equip it with sconces lights to provide lighting to your walls so that they look more perfect. Black Wall Texture from Home-designing.


Using wooden walls for your bedroom decoration ideas will give a natural touch to your bedroom. You can use textured wooden walls so that it will present its own charm in your bedroom. Then add wall lighting so that it will make it look stunning. Wooden Texture from Home-designing.


Decorating a bedroom with textured walls is an interesting idea so that it will look more beautiful. You can choose a texture with a vertical striped theme so that it looks simple but still perfect. Adding wall art there will make it stand out more and attract attention. Vertical Striped Wall from Home-designing.


Giving an accent to the wall is one great way to make it look more prominent and less boring. You can use a textured wall with a Zigzag so it will look simple but still attractive. Pendant Light will provide perfect lighting so that it will make your walls look even more stunning. Zig Zag Accent Wall from Home-designing.


Living room decoration with wooden walls will give your living room a natural touch so that it looks more elegant. You can use wooden cube to accent your wall so it will give the perfect texture. Wooden Cube Accent Wall from Designrulz.


You can add accents to your living room walls to present a better appearance and not look boring. Try using a textured wooden wall so it will look unique and very interesting. Installing the TV on a textured wall will make your walls look more attractive. Wooden Accent Wall from Designrulz.


A white bedroom will give you a bright and elegant look. Choosing to use textured walls with a hexagon pattern for your bedroom decoration will bring its own charm there. Installing sconces there will highlight your textured wall so it will look stunning. Hexagon Accent Wall from Designrulz.


To make your walls stand out more, you can use wall accents. Brick walls are the right choice to add texture to the walls of your dining room. Then you can paint it white so that it looks cleaner and more beautiful. White Accent Wall from Nextluxury.


Choosing to use textured walls for decorating your home will present an attractive appearance. You can use a textured wall with a small hexagon pattern so that it will stand out. Then you can paint it white so it will look clean and bright. Small Hexagon Accent Wall from Nextluxury.


Use textured walls for decorating your bathroom to make it look more attractive. It doesn’t have to be all, you can use a textured wall on one side of the bathroom but it will still make your bathroom look better. Then you can paint the walls with white nuances to give the impression of a more spacious space. Bathroom Accent Wall from Nextluxury.


If you want to get a wall decoration that is beautiful and doesn’t look boring, using a wall accent is an interesting idea. You can use textured white walls in your living room so that it will present the perfect beauty in your living room. It will also be the perfect focal point in your living room and can inspire many people. Living Room Accent Wall from Stylemotivation.


In order to get a wall decoration that doesn’t look boring, try using a wall texture. You can choose a wall texture with a plaid pattern so that it will look simple and elegant. Then you can choose a white tone so that it looks very flawless and looks brighter. Plaid Accent Wall from Stylemotivation.


A simple way to get a more attractive wall decoration is to use textured walls. Wave is a simple pattern but will present its own characteristic in your home so that it can inspire many people who see it. Wave Accent Wall from Stylemotivation.


Using an accent wall is an interesting idea to enhance your décor so that it will look better. You can use a plywood accent wall made with a frame so that it will add elegance and a must touch to your décor. Plywood Accent Wall from Digsdigs.


If you want to get even better décor, try using an accent wall so that it stands out even more. You can use wooden slabs to create textured walls so that it will give a natural look and add to the comfort of your home. Stained Wood Slab Accent Wall from Digsdigs.


Accent walls made with wooden slabs will bring the perfect texture to your walls so they look attractive. Painting it with gray color will bring an elegant look to your living room and it will feel soothing. Grey Accent Wall from Digsdigs.


You can use ceiling medallions to make textured walls so they will look more attractive. All you have to do is stick some ceiling medallions on the wall so that it will give you a beautiful look. Painting it white will bring a subtle and elegant look to your home. White 3D Accent Wall from Digsdigs.


Completing your bedroom decor with textured walls will be the perfect focal point in your bedroom. Using a red 3D Panel will bring a bold and chic look to your decor. Adding a pendant lamp to give a highlight to your wall accent will give you an absolutely stunning look. Red 3D Accent Wall from Digsdigs.

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