So, you are finally ready to retire, and you may or may not have settled on a dream destination to settle down at. According to statistics, around 4 million Americans retire every year, and over 70% of retirees choose to continue living in their current location. 

Baton Rouge, LA, is ideal for retirees with its noted infrastructure facilities and medical care facilities. The cost of living index of Baton Rouge, LA, is 34.91. It is lower than the national average. There are several retirement communities in Baton Rouge, LA, for you to choose from.

Cost of Living in the Community

A considerable portion of your retirement savings will be routed towards your living expenses in the community. Reports show that over 70% of US retirees are concerned they don’t have enough retirement savings. If you are planning to retire, you may consider working out a monthly expenses estimate and comparing it with the cost of living in the retirement communities you shortlisted. 

You may also want to note that Baton Rouge, LA, has a sales tax rate of 9.45%. The state of Louisiana does not charge tax on retirement income, and this is an additional reason to choose a retirement community in Baton Rouge, LA. 

Reviews and Testimonials

You could try speaking to a few people currently living in the retirement communities you shortlisted. First-hand accounts from resident retirees can give you valuable insight into what life would be like in a particular community. You could also go through reviews and ratings online. Testimonials posted by residents and relatives of residents may contain details on the quality of infrastructure and amenities. 

Amenities and Facilities

When choosing a retirement community, it is essential to choose a community with medical facilities and clinics within the vicinity. Easy availability of transport is another essential consideration. Go through brochures of different retirement communities in Baton Rouge, LA, and see if the communities have assisted living facilities, senior interaction groups, and libraries. Baton Rouge is home to the East Baton Rouge Parish Library and several prominent hospitals and health care facilities. 

Some high-end retirement communities have luxurious outdoor facilities like elaborate swimming pools, water aerobics programs, and in-house coffee shops.

Assisted Living Facilities

If you are looking for a facility for a senior relative who needs additional care, you may also evaluate the extra care facilities and programs. You could also assess other factors like the number and quality of meals served in the community, senior care programs, entertainment programs for seniors, and other socialization activities. If your relative has memory disorders or Alzheimer’s, you may want to choose a facility specializing in memory care.

Living Conditions

Evaluate the layout of the apartments, furnishings, number of rooms, and the efficiency of the personal care staff. Find out if the retirement community staff will take care of your housekeeping and cleaning needs. You may also want to find out apartment specifications like the number of rooms, kitchen functionality, and furnishing status.

Retirement Communities are Convenient

Over 19.4% of residents of Baton Rouge are over 60 years old. The city has ample retirement facilities and a good number of retirement communities to choose from. Living in a retirement community will relieve you from the stress associated with being a homeowner. Retirement communities will also give seniors more opportunities to socialize and be well looked after.

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