When you get the keys to your new house in your hand with complete paperwork, you feel so relaxed that finally, the never-ending process of buying a new home is completed. Nonetheless, when you move into your house, you start realizing that the ownership of your home needs time and labor. 

Home maintenance comes with a long list and can be very pressurizing to start with. But the good news is that if you give time to regular maintenance, then, in the long run, it can save you from future headaches and save money as well. Therefore, in order to enhance your efficiency and ensure every task is actually completed, you may acknowledge building a home maintenance checklist.


Check your fire extinguisher.

We all have fire extinguishers at home, and this one is among the essential tasks. Check the nozzle of the fire extinguisher and make sure that it is clean with no dust and garbage inside the nozzle. Another vital thing to ensure is that there is no wear and tear on the body. In case you find any significant defect, then send it immediately for repair. 

Observe drains

Check thoroughly that there is no clog or debris acquired. It is beneficial to add some frozen vinegar to clean the drain pipes. Make sure it goes through the drain pipes so that it cleans any blockage that might be there. 

Clean, unused bathrooms

This one is essential for the room that is not being used for a more extended time. It can be any room or guest room; make sure you clean the bathroom of these rooms at least in a month so that they do not create any bad odor or can become a medium through which the germs enter your house. While cleaning the unused bathroom, you will even come to know whether there is any blockage in the toilet. 


Check the roof surface

Analyze the health of the roof. If you have an asphalt roof, you need to keep your gutter cleaned and get a regular inspection as this will help in making your asphalt roof last longer; you even need to check the holes in the ceiling. And in case there are any, then take the initiative to repair it asap. 


Analyze the interior as well exterior of the home. Maybe it’s time that your home needs a touch-up. Hire a professional to paint your complete house annually but make sure you never schedule the painting work in the season of monsoon. 

Chimney or gas pipe

There are some kitchen chimneys that are cleaned automatically but still keeping a check on them annually can be good for the hygiene of the kitchen. Make sure you even check the gas pipes for breakage, leakage, or incorrect bends. This way, you will be able to maintain the cleanliness of the house. 

 Final Words 

Frequently conducting the home maintenance activity can enhance the hygiene of the home as well as increases the value of the property so, if you think as per the future prospective then maintenance on a monthly as well as an annual basis is beneficial not only for home but for you as well. 

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