What You Can Do Where You Are With What You Have

DIY is something that’s more “doable” than many people realize. Most of getting construction projects done in terms of home renovation boils down to how driven you are. Granted, if you’re doing something complex, you may want to hire a plumber, electrician, engineer, or other specialist. But you don’t have to.

For example, installing cabinets is a simple matter of pulling out old ones and screwing in the new. There are plenty of online tutorials to help, and you’ve likely got a few friends who know a thing or two they can pass on to you. With that in mind, following we’ll briefly explore five luxurious ideas to renovate your home in a luxurious way.


1. A Backyard, Basement, Or Master Bedroom Hot Tub

Hot tub acquisition and installation is likely going to cost around $10k. You can get low-end tubs for around $3k, and high-end tubs for around $18k. Installation will likely cost a few thousand dollars as well, depending on how you do it. After that, there are things you’ll need to do to maintain the hot tub, including sanitation and pH balancing.

Do you have a backyard with a view? Do you have a strong deck that could be used for the purpose of “hosting” a hot tub? How about a basement, or a master bedroom? All could represent a fine place for you to put a new tub. As a bonus, with hot tubs all the cost is involved in hiring other people to do the work. All you have to do is get out the checkbook.

2. Build A Deck Or A Crow’s Nest Where Possible

Speaking of decks, a DIY option can be quite luxurious, cost-effective, and good for your property’s value. You might add a deck to the back of your house. You might add a couple. Also, at the top of the house, if you’ve got a large window that could be used as an entry or exit, you might have an engineer help install a “crow’s nest”.A lot of roof space goes unused—for good reason, sometimes; the cost of repairing the roof can be high, and you don’t want to do any damage. Even so, getting the most out of the space you have makes plenty of sense.


3. Stimulate Your Imagination By Exploring Luxurious Homes

To help stimulate your imagination, or even as an example of available selection worth exploring and perhaps purchasing, the following website is a plethora of luxurious townhouse options in Denver. Here you’ll see what other homeowners and architects have done with the properties over which they have responsibility.

There’s a lot of little things in terms of interior furniture design, bathroom design, kitchen remodel, window seats, and storage which you may have never even considered, but which represent totally worthwhile options. For example, if you’ve got vaulted ceilings in a room, an interior warp-around deck could be constructed which expands a home’s usable space.

4. Skinny Hallways Can Be Blocked Off To Make A Secret Room

Especially in a time when the security of society has a lot of question marks surrounding it, having a “safe room” in your house represents a fine luxury. If you’ve got a basement room without any windows, and which isn’t immediately apparent in terms of architectural necessity, you might make it a “secret” compartment. Say you’ve got a little “elbow” in the basement. Install a swinging shelving unit that appears stationary, and voila, you’ve got a secret compartment in your house. If you’re not planning on selling, that can be a lifesaver should society go “sideways”. If you’re selling, that little $500 to $5,000 add-on could add $1k to $15k in property value; perhaps even more.


5. Finish The Attic And The Basement

Many houses have attics that remain unfinished for the duration of the property’s occupancy. Similarly, many basements go unfinished for decades. There’s no reason not to finish the basement. There’s no reason not to get the most out of the attic—well, there aren’t a lot of reasons. Budget and structural stability are issues; but these issues can be overcome.

If you’ve got an unfinished basement, make a few rooms out of it. It could be a theater, an in-house bar, a game room, or a separate “apartment” you use to supplement income. With the attic, you’ve got storage options, certainly. But you can also make that space into a sitting room, a bedroom, an observatory, or something else.

Making Your Home A True Castle

Finish the attic and basement. If you’ve got the opportunity to make a “hidden” room, why not? Should you have trouble imagining what you can do with what you have where you are, explore what other homeowners have done with their property. Maybe look into building a DIY deck or crow’s nest. Also, hot tubs are fun.

These are a few luxurious options worth considering; by no means are they the be-all and end-all of home renovation. Take stock of your property, consider what you can do, what resources you have available, and what you’d like. Then, put those plans into action.

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