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Do you miss the beach? Spending time with the blue sea all around and sunlight will make us feel free. We can bring the spirit of summer inside of the house. Designing a bathroom with a beach feel will bring summer inside without worrying the skin burned.  It seems like we take a bath in the sea but without direct sunlight that will damage our skin tone. In this article, we are going to show you beach bathroom ideas to see.


Coastal Bathroom Decoration

Though it looks simple but so pretty with blue colors. See the sink that looks pretty cool with blue drawers. Then, see how the decorator combines it with the striped color rug. Even the shower looks nice with a penny tile floor. This bright bathroom will boost our mood.

Beach Bathroom With Modern Touches


Having a small also a blessing. So, you can build a bathroom with modern touches that budget-friendly. We adore the two mirrors hang on the wall that reflect the light. The white cabinet also functions as storage. The white bathtub looks so cozy.

Nautical Inspired Bathroom

Look at the master bedroom that gives a tremendous design. It has wall-mounted ceramic coral light fixtures that enlighten this space at night. The pendant looks so interesting with a green plant that reminds us about the sea. It has a shower room enclosed with glasses.

Bathroom With Tropical Touches

Bathroom with tropical touches

Jungle-inspired wallpaper will give a tropical feel to your bathroom. This design works well for kid’s bathrooms though adults may have this style too. See the matching color from the cabinet and mirror that show a beach feeling. Kids might love colorful wall decor but beach-inspired is something that they will never be denied as well.

Maritime Inspired Bathroom Decor

We see various textures and patterns in this bathroom that show a maritime feel. It has wave-patterned shower curtains that remind us about the sea and beach. Look at the medicine cabinet With neutral color that completes the beach feeling. Even the antique lamps stand out and become the major interest of this bathroom.

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