10 recommendations for your home decoration hack2

Doing some hacks for home decoration is quite popular these days. It could be interesting and exciting once you finished a project where you can make use of a thing to make something in a different function and utilization. Some of us might not realize that there are so many things around that can be functioned in a different way. Not only from the new things but also from your old things where you think that won’t be functional anymore. Please go down for the interesting ideas as we guarantee that you must be loving it. The hack ideas that we provided below will also help you to complete your home decoration for sure. Check them out!


Teacup Planter


If you have unused teacup, don’t throw it away! You can use it as a planter. Try using teacup to plant a succulent to complement your home decor. Placing it on the table looks simple but will give you natural freshness and real beauty in your home. Teacup Planter from Homebnc.

Crate Rack


You can use wooden crate to complement your home decor. Try using a wooden ceiling to make a shelf as a storage idea in your bathroom. Then you can mount it on the wall and paint it white so it will look clean and like new. DIY Wooden Crate Shelves from Homedit.

Pipe Hack


Try using pipes to create storage ideas in your home. You can use the pipes to store the hairdryer and heat press so it will look tidier. Then you can paint it blue so that it will make it look more attractive. DIY Hairdryer Organizer from Diyncrafts.

Window Shutters Hack


Don’t throw away your old Window Shutters! You can turn them into more useful items. Try using old window shutters to create a memo board. Spread out baskets for letters, clothespins for to-do lists and more so it looks more organized and complete. Window Shutters from Homebnc.

Ladder Hack


Ladder is one of the things that you can use to complement your home decor. You can take advantage of wooden racks for storage ideas in your bathroom. Placing a ladder rack in the corner of the bathroom and using it to store towels will make your bathroom look neat and tidy. Wooden Ladder Rack from Shelterness.

Basket for Lamp Shade


Lighting is one of the important things for your home decorating idea. The chandelier will never fail to provide lighting in your bedroom. Then you can use the rattan basket to make a lampshade to make it look more interesting and unique so that it can inspire everyone who sees it. Rattan Basket Lampshade from Shelterness.

Fireplace Hack


You can use an unused fireplace to place the logs so that they are more useful. Arranging the logs neatly in the fireplace will give you an eye-catching visual appearance. It will also bring a simple rustic touch to your living room and can be inspiring. Fireplace Hack from Idealhome.

Hanger Hack


Try making a lampshade using a hanger to complement your home decor to make it look more creative. First you have to do is prepare equipment such as hangers, glue and some other equipment. Then start stringing them up into a lampshade that is interesting and different from usual. Hanger Lampshade from Homedit.

Binder Paper Clip Cable Organizer


Although binder clips are designed to clamp sheets of paper, you can use them for other things. Try to use a binder clip for the Cable Organizer so that it will keep your cables safe and tidy. You can clip the binder clip to the table border then use it for a cable organizer so it’s more practical. Binder clip Cable Organizer from Cnet.

Pegboard Organizer Hack


You can use pegboard for storage ideas in your home so that it will look neater. Adding shelves, baskets and hooks on the pegboard is the perfect idea so that it can store your belongings properly and safely. Then you can mount the pegboard on the wall so that it will make it the perfect focal point in your home. White Pegboard Organizer Hack from Homebnc.

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