Eye-catching kitchen backsplash ideas to upgrade your kitchen style2

Sometimes, we are questioning how to upgrade a kitchen style with a limited budget. Furthermore, we wish to have a big impact on our cooking space. Instead of rebuilding a kitchen or installing new furniture that will take a longer time, more budget, even larger space, it will be much better to just change the backsplash look. It deals with the tiles that we will use. In this article, we are going to show our backsplash idea lists to inspire you more. Check out!


Painted Mirror Backsplash

Look at this stunning kitchen design that most people in this modern era want. It has black cabinetry that so cool. Combine with gold touches here and there to keep it elegant and glam. The painted mirror backsplash adds a dramatic effect to the cooking space.

Kitchen With Glossy Tile Backsplash

The theme of this kitchen is white. Look at the wall painted in white as well as the cabinetry. Furthermore, the kitchen island and its chairs are done well in white hues as well. The last, see how eye-catching this kitchen backsplash is with glossy tiles.

Marble With Gray Veining

Applying earthy shades to a kitchen will give it a neutral look. In this picture, we can see a kitchen with white, grey, and brown create a contemporary and traditional feel. See the grey backsplash that looks unexpected but enliven the kitchen design.

Kitchen With Slender Subway Tile

The kitchen is designed well in a neutral space with wood furniture here and there. This warm kitchen appears more interesting with a slender subway tile backsplash. Come with more texture, the tiles give a great impact to this cooking space design.

Geometric Patterned Wallpaper Backsplash

If you want to either save time or money, apply wallpaper for your kitchen backsplash might be a great idea. The kitchen will appear more eye-catching because of the pattern that works well with any style. In this picture, the wallpaper works better with a dark brown cabinet.

Antique Portuguese Tile Kitchen Backsplash

Upgrading a kitchen backsplash with antique Portuguese tiles will be a gorgeous idea. It has a nice pattern and appearance. It comes from the 19th century and will improve the kitchen decor with a retro feel but still applicable for the modern era.

Emerald Subway Tile Backsplash

In this kitchen, we are given a tremendous kitchen backsplash with emerald subway tile. The green hues continue till the open shelves. With depth color, the kitchen backsplash becomes this room’s focal interest.

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