7 best ways to add string lights to your bedroom decoration fi

Rather than applying pendants or chandeliers to your bedroom decoration that could be so expensive, string lights might a better idea. Anyone can make string lights with their own hand. Furthermore, string lights are cheaper and easier to get. Feel free to put one or more bulbs in the bedroom as you like. There are various colors, sizes, and shapes to choose from. In this article, we give you the ways to add string lights to your bedroom to spruce it up. Check out further below!


Princess-Inspired Bedroom

In this picture, we are given a bedroom design that looks like a princess’s room. The bedding style looks so luxurious with white sheer fabric. The string lights make it bright all night. We adore the rug area as well and it’s ottoman.

Contemporary Bedroom With String Lights

A bedroom with pastel colors on walls and linens is pretty awesome. It looks bright because of the colors and string lights. Furthermore, there is a round rug that stands out on the wooden floor. This bedroom works well for boys or girls.

Star-Like Effects For Your Bedroom

When the pendant and table lamps are switched-off, this room will be so much. This lighting style will make you feel like bring stars into your bedroom. Just imagine the stars shine over your head.

Bohemian Bedroom With String Lights

It looks like an attic bedroom with a small space. However, it appears bright and airy because of the string lights. More colors in this bedroom spruce up the tone. Teenagers will love this kind of bedroom style that shows their spirit and fun.

College Student Bedroom

This rustic bedroom may work well for a student. It has built-in shelves to keep the books, clothes, or other things. The headboard looks so awesome with five bulbs. Sure, the string lights will enlighten this tiny bedroom all night long.

Kids’ Bedroom With String Lights

If you have two kids, bunk beds might what you need to buy as soon as possible. This bedroom decoration helps parents that have one bedroom for kids. See the string lights on the ceiling that look pretty and inviting. The kids will love this décor because they can take a rest and play.

String Lights And The Feathers

Are you a winter lover? This bedroom uses dry branches that completed well with feathers and string lights. The decoration reminds us about the winter feel and everything between.  Either adults or kids will love this bedroom, won’t they?

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