Clay roof tiles are the best option for your house. It is not just classy and exquisite but also durable. In recent years especially in the UK, putting clay tiles on the pitched roof is becoming increasingly common and fashionable. This is simply because besides being a one-time investment, it is also extremely easy to maintain. In this article, you will find why you should choose clay roofing and how to maintain them.

Friendly to the Environment And Durable

With the progress of time, we have become ever more conscious of the harm that human activities have had on the environment. Clay tiles are one of the effective ways of taking personal action to mitigate environmental harm. Because they’re made from a natural material, they don’t need any manufacturing as such. Additionally, they can be recycled easily. 

One of the most convincing reasons to choose Clay tiles over others is that they are one of the most durable tiles. They are known to last a very long time. While the cheaper clay tiles will be durable for at least 50 years, the better ones can last well over 100 years. Moreover, they are weather and fire-resistant. This means that Clay tiles can withstand harsh weather better than other tiles and are much safer. 

How to maintain Clay roofing? 

Clay tiles do not have much maintenance cost if done properly. When one resorts to cleaning or repairing the tiles by themselves, they end up damaging the roof tiles by putting a lot of pressure on the wrong area of them, or they may even slip because of moss, algae, or mildew present on the tiles. A professional roofing contractor is also recommended because they can notice and report any potential maintenance issue that a cleaning company or an individual might miss. 

Algae, moss, and mildew accumulate on a layer of dust above the roof tiles. Since there is no long-term preventative coating one can apply to prevent these, the only way to prevent them is by regularly cleaning clay roofs. You can use tools such as a power washer to wash off the layer of dust, or any debris stuck between the roof tiles. However, it should be kept in mind that the nozzle of the power washer should be kept at a safe distance.

If you have a crack in one or more tiles, it is highly suggested that you call a professional because of the technicality of the process. In replacing one tile, the neighboring tiles will likely be damaged if a non-professional individual does the process.

Selecting roofer services for installation and maintenance is of utmost importance. A simple google search will help you with the best options available near you. For example, in Norristown, looking for roofing solutions, look for a roofer in Norristown, PA, you will find all the best options available. Just compare all the roofers and select the one that suits all your needs. 


Although more expensive, Clay roof tiles are a better investment than other forms of roof tiles. They are also a good choice for someone who wishes to contribute to lowering the carbon footprint. 

There are a few disadvantages to clay roof tiles, such as not standing up to very strong winds, but unless you live in an extremely windy area, these tiles are much better in the long term than most other alternatives. If you can take care of the maintenance with the help of professional roofers, clay roof tiles are the best option for the long run. 

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