Looking for some cool wall decor tips for your living room this year? You can find plenty of them. Bare walls open up great possibilities, and a few simple ideas can make them look amazing. Whether you are an actor, a book lover, or a painter, you can customize them easily with the elements you love. You can also embellish these perfect spaces with the pieces that are closest to your heart. No matter what your style is, the suggestions below will certainly help you. Let us dive into some of the impressive tricks you can try at your home. 

Hang beautiful mirrors 

Mirrors are the best decor pieces that elevate the beauty of a room. They make the place appear spacious. They are excellent decoration items that can reflect the lights beautifully. You can buy an oversized mirror or even use multiple pieces as you see in a salon. Before finalizing the same, ensure that the size and shape are according to the wall and its surroundings. If you want to use the mirror tiles, consulting an expert would be a great idea. Experimenting with mirror tiles by yourself isn’t the right approach, so avoid DIY for this one. 

Deck up with china plates

Why hide those designer china plates in the kitchen cabinet? Take them out and give your wall a fresh look. Different designs and textures give a whole new feel to the wall. Pick the ones that are light in weight and also complement the color palette. Multicolored and even black and white ones can do wonders. Also, it is up to you to choose the sequence of these beauties. Most importantly, ensure that they match up with the theme of the area aptly. Wire plate hangers are the best to hang these pretty decor items with style

Wall art is a thing

An attractive art piece on one of the walls of a living room can become the centerpiece. Pick one and watch the magic that it brings to your space. These art pieces command attention and transform the whole living area. You can go for a black and white photo or a colored one as per your choice. If you are a discerning art lover, a slim aarons piece can be a perfect way to dress your walls. With just a single frame, this area can get a makeover. You do not need any other decor item to embellish the space. It is important to also keep in mind the layouts, color of the walls, and furniture tones before buying wall art. Worry not, as it will come out to be an impressive change.

Mount your television

Give your living room a modern touch by mounting a television on your wall. Choose a screen size that matches the size of the room. This change will free up a lot of space and also look classy. Pick this idea to give your living space a fresh and neat look and make it a hub for entertainment. Select an area that perfectly fits up with the changes you are about to make. You can also take help from an expert so that you do not miss out on those measurements. Avoid DIY for this one too.

Install shelves

Yes, you have read it right! If you have run out of floor space, hang your shelves up on the wall. The freshly transformed wall area can turn into a mini library, and you can have easy access to the world of knowledge. You can either go for a floating shelf or a fixed one. Arranging the study material and books can elevate the whole look. You can mix and match the books and magazines as per their colors, as this will enhance the beauty of the space. Also, do not forget to brighten up the shelf with fairy lights. Create a tiny herb-in-the-cup garden on the shelf space if you are a plant lover. This fine decor idea creates extra space and looks good, so it excels with aesthetics and functionality. Try this out and give that much-needed makeover to your favorite wall.

3D wallpaper décor

Another mesmerizing addition to the living room wall is 3D wallpapers. They can transform and infuse life into your space instantly. The realistic patterns of these pieces give depth and also hide the flaws of the layout. From pretty floral designs to amazing geometric ones, there are plenty of options to choose from. Don’t forget to correctly match up the wallpaper with the color of the furniture present. So, why wait? Choose these decor items to add newness to your living room without spending a fortune. They aren’t messy and you can even try a DIY job if you are confident enough. These beauties can surely give your guests a beautiful surprise and welcome.

Family tree wall art

Another impressive decor idea for your living area wall is the family tree wall art. This trick is a unique way to showcase your family pictures beautifully. It is a standout idea to talk about your genealogy with great pride. Showcase memories of special occasions, events, and holidays. As far as colors are concerned, you can keep the wall in black and white with a sticker. You can also paint the area with a tree and leave spaces for sticking your family pictures to get the real feel. Make sure to keep the theme and color of the room in mind before selecting the pattern for the tree wall art. 

Whether you decide to hang up art or paint the wall yourself, you can transform your living room wall into something magical. Be creative and give an extraordinary feel to the space in minutes. You can use these ideas by taking in mind the layout and theme of the living room. You can also research and plan out things before buying any piece of art for your preferred wall. All in all, this will help you in escaping the last hour changes and modifications!

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