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Mothers are busy with their daily life. They should take care of the kitchen all day and night. They work with no limited time. Cook a meal for the kitchen while see them playing is two hard activities at one time. So, an open plan kitchen design is a key to help mothers with their daily life. In this article, we show you our lists of open kitchen designs that you need to consider. Check out them further below to inspire you more!


Kitchen With Simple Solid Colors

With simple solid colors, this kitchen has a nice appearance and looks so comfy. Here, a mother will cook the meals for kids who play anything. Though it looks so small but gives anything needed. The position makes a mother can move around easily.

Kitchen with Views

This kitchen allows some visitors to come and enjoy the views around the house. Whether you want to make a party or just have dinner with your family, this kitchen is a perfect place. It shows wonderful scenery with a comfy place. You are free to choose inside or outside seating areas too.

Kitchen With Glass Windows

This is an open floor layout where the cooking and living space are in the same area. Usually, you will find this concept in an apartment or condominium. The kitchen looks modern and minimalist with a white countertop on the island. You can see the views around through the glass windows.

Fairly Straightforward Kitchen

Who doesn’t want to have this super cool kitchen design? It looks nice with interesting colors and textures. The owner can cook the meals while watching the kids’ activities. This design works well for a modern and contemporary house.

Kitchen With Maximum Knee Space

This kitchen looks bright because of the colors used. It applies white walls, bright wooden cabinets, and glass windows. Watching the kids’ activity and cooking will not be a hard thing to do at one time anymore. With maximum knee space, it will ease a mother to move around.

Good Kitchen With Open Shelves

What do you want to ask for? This kitchen was built in an open floor concept with a living room in front of it. See the open shelves that make this area look larger. This style works very well for a small apartment with a minimalist design. An open-plan kitchen is a great option for showing off your favorite coffee mugs, wine glasses or rustic bowls on display to add a touch of elegance to your kitchen. You can find dishware in a variety of colors, materials, and styles, and choose the ones that match your kitchen’s decor.

Modern Look With Open Layout

This might become anyone’s favorite kitchen design. The cooking space looks so clean and sleek with a white island. Then, the bright brown wooden cabinet integrated with the entire appliance makes this kitchen looks tidy. The views around keep this kitchen seems so eye-catching.

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