25 best use of marble for your home decoration2

Marble is such a good material that can bring a luxurious impression to any part or room when you apply it there. It is awesome since marble can be applied to various spots. Not only for the floor but marble can also really possibly be applied to the wall, your kitchen backsplash, kitchen island table, countertop, coffee table, sink, fireplace, and even as your marble bathroom tile that applied to any part of the room. For your information, the pattern of the marble is also varied as you can choose the one that fits your taste. For example, you can have a simple marble pattern or the complicated one. Here are examples of marble applications to your home decoration.


White Marble Backsplash looks clean and presents a classy look to complement your kitchen décor. Completing it with a black kitchen set will present a beautiful and elegant appearance in your kitchen. White countertops will complete your kitchen decor so that it looks better. White Marble Backsplash from Digsdigs.


Choosing to use white shades for your kitchen decorating ideas will give the impression of a larger space and look clean. A kitchen island made of marble will bring a luxurious look to your kitchen. Adding round hanging lamps above the kitchen island will make your kitchen look very stunning. Marble Kitchen Island from Digsdigs.


Using a marble kitchen island in your kitchen island decoration is an interesting idea. So it will present a clean and classy look in your kitchen. Adding a woven pendant light above the kitchen island will present a classic and modern look at the same time in your kitchen so that it looks more attractive. White Kitchen Island from Digsdigs.


Choosing to use marble walls for your kitchen decoration will give a classy and elegant look there. Marble walls are also easier to clean from splashes of oil, water and others so that your kitchen will still look clean. Installing a floating shelf on a marble wall will bring a modern look to your kitchen so it will never fail. Marble Kitchen Wall from Digsdigs.


Using marble to decorate your bathroom is the right choice because it is more waterproof. You can use marble walls and marble floors so that it will present a clean look in your bathroom. Complementing it with bras and gold accessories will make your bathroom look more perfect with a modern look. Marble Bathroom from Digsdigs.


The table is one of the furniture that must be in your home decor. Choosing to use a round table made of marble to complete your dining room decoration is the right choice. So it will be easier to clean from food residue and still look clean. Round Dining Table from Digsdigs.


Complementing the living room decor with a side table will make it easier for you to place small items such as remotes, magazines and others. Choosing to use a round side table made of wood and marble is the right choice. So it will present an attractive appearance and can inspire everyone who sees it. Marble Side Table from Digsdigs.


Fireplace made of black marble will give the perfect warmth and modern look to your home. Placing armchairs and coffee tables in front of the fire place will be a relaxing and comfortable place. You can choose a coffee table made of black marble so that it will present a matching and better appearance. Marble Fireplace and Coffee Table from Digsdigs.


Adding a touch of marble to your modern living room decor is the perfect idea. The black marble slap table will bring a modern look to your living room. Complementing it with other modern furniture will make your decor even more perfect. Slap Table from Digsdigs.


Decorating a minimalist white bathroom with a touch of marble is an interesting idea. Using a floating sink made of green marble will bring a fresh and modern look to your bathroom. It is also stronger and resistant to splashing water so it will make your bathroom decoration look perfect. Green Bathroom Sink from Digsdigs.


Using marble for your home decorating ideas will present a clean and elegant appearance. You can apply marble on the walls of your house so it will look luxurious. Choosing white pink marble will bring a feminine and cute look to your home and is very liked by women. Pink and White Marble Wall from Shelterness.


You will never fail to add marble accents to your home décor because it can enhance your décor and make it look even better. Making marble wall art with gold frames looks simple but still perfect. Hanging it on the wall will enhance your wall décor so that it stands out. Marble Wall Art from Shelterness.


Using a rectangular marble table to complement your living room decor will give a luxurious look and still look simple. A table made of a combination of marble and iron looks very attractive in your living room. Placing ornaments such as flower arrangements and others on the table will make it look more stunning. White Marble Table from Shelterness.


The bathroom with white shades looks clean and bright so it feels more comfortable. Complementing it with a white marble bathtub will make your bathroom look more classy and elegant. Flower arrangement and candles on the edge of the bathtub will bring the perfect beauty in your bathroom. White Marble Bathtub from Architectureartdesigns.


Applying marble to your bathroom decor is the right choice. Because apart from being easy to clean and resistant to splashing water, it will also bring a modern look to your bathroom. You can apply marble on the walls, floor and bathtub so it will look luxurious. Marble Bathtub from Architectureartdesigns.


Using gray marble floor for your bathroom decoration ideas will present an elegant appearance. Combining white walls and black marble will bring the perfect monochromatic beauty to your bathroom. Ceiling Lamps will provide lighting that can enhance your bathroom decor. Grey Marble Floor form Decoist.


Combining white and black marble for your bathroom decorating ideas is a very interesting idea. You can use black marble for the walls and white marble for the bathtub so that it will present an attractive appearance. Then using LED lighting will make your bathroom decoration look luxurious. White and Black Marble Bathroom from Decoist.


Try adding marble to complete your kitchen decor to make it look better. The white marble countertop will bring a clean and bright look to your kitchen. You can also use a marble kitchen island to make it easier to clean and can bring a classy look to your kitchen. White Marble Kitchen Island from Decoist.


White Marble Backsplash will protect panda walls from splashes of water, oil and others. So that it will make your kitchen easier to clean and always look shiny. You can also use a marble kitchen island and gold faucet so that it will look luxurious and classy. White Kitchen Island from Digsdigs.


Choosing to use white marble walls and white marble floors for your small bathroom decorating ideas will give the appearance of a wider space. Adding LED lighting in your bathroom will make your bathroom decor look perfect. White Marble Bathroom from Digsdigs.


The white dining room decor looks bright and very elegant. Marble dining table will bring a classy look to your dining room decor. Then you can complete it with an armchair to make it look more perfect and feel more comfortable. Marble Dining Table from Digsdigs.


You can complete your bedroom decor with a side table to make it easier for you to place and retrieve small items. Try using a side table made of marble and iron so that it looks modern and durable. Square Side Table from Digsdigs.


The powder room in black looks perfect with a black marble sink on a gold stand. So it will present a stylish appearance and can attract the attention of everyone who sees it. Black and white tiles as a floor will complete your powder room decoration so that it looks more perfect. Black Marble Sink from Digsdigs.


Choosing to use marble material for your home decoration is the right choice so it will look more classy. The black marble walls and floating marble stairs will present a modern look that is harmonious and looks more luxurious. Adding gold accents on the stairs will make your decor look stylish. Marble Interior Design from Digsdigs.


You can add a touch of marble to your living room decor to make it look more attractive. A half brass and half green marble coffee table will bring a stylish look to your living room. Then complete it with a green Letter L sofa will make your living room decoration look even more perfect. Half Brass and Half Green Marble Coffee Table from Digsdigs.

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