Best choice of places to put floating shelf in your kitchen2

For your kitchen decoration, you will need kitchen shelves for sure. Either you are a new one in floating shelves or the lover, you will think about where you should put the floating shelves. Floating shelves are popular because it hanging on the wall as if by magic with no nails and brackets. Therefore, here are the ideas of Best Choice Of Places To Put Floating Shelf In Your Kitchen


On The Wall, Above Your Low Freestanding Cabinet

You can place three floating shelves on the wall above a low freestanding cabinet in the same width. There you can also create an illusion of one tall storage piece.

On The Top Of Your Cabinet

You all probably have empty above-cabinet space, so it can be a scourge. Meanwhile, you can hang a floating shelf to be the best solution using the technique.

Over A Window And Between Two Cabinet

Here you can put a shelf above your kitchen window. Thus, it will be a bonus if it happens between your two kitchen cabinet sections, it will join them.

Directly underneath the upper cabinets

This idea will inspire you to have a floating shelf hung closer to the upper cabinets. It will make it look like it’s a part of your cabinet.

Above The Countertop In A Pair

This time, do not waste your countertop space on the microwave. You can hang two floating shelves on the wall above the countertop then slide the microwave in between.

In The Middle Of A Painted Wall

If you have a dark wall or other types of painted wall, you can hang white floating shelves in the middle of the space for a super chic with high- contrast look.

On Top Of A Backsplash

Well, if in your kitchen, you have a tiled backsplash but no upper cabinets, do not be a worry. You can put a floating shelf right where the backsplash and for a seamless transition up the wall.

In The Middle Of A Backsplash

For this, you can get a double-duty backsplash by hanging a shelf in between the countertop and upper cabinets. Thus, a narrow backsplash shelf is an ideal spot to store frequently used items such as oils and spices.

In Any Narrow Corner Or Wall Area

Here is where a floating shelf really shines. It is an ideal way to grab a few extra inches of storage from a narrow corner or also a blank wall area.

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