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Giving the best effort in decorating your home is a must. A home is a place for you to rest and to always come back no matter how difficult the life out there. That is why you should make your home to be the coziest place ever. Of course, it won’t be easy especially if you have such a big home with wide spaces for each room. However, there is always a solution to any problem. Here, we will inform you of 10 considerations that you can follow to get the best and the coziest home decoration. It won’t talk about each room decoration but it is about the things that you should provide to support your needs for a home. Hope these ideas can help you and give you ease in decorating your home. Enjoy!


Choosing the Right Furniture


Furniture is one of the things that you should pay attention to to get the perfect living room decoration. Choosing gray furniture will bring a light feel to your living room. You can use Sofas with thick pads and swivel chairs to create perfect comfort with a modern touch. Modern and Cozy Furniture from Homedesignlover.

Use Your Wall Space


Utilizing wall space is an interesting idea that you can try to improve your home decor. You can install wooden shelves on the wall for storage ideas in your home so that it saves more space. Using wall shelves to display a collection of books and some houseplants will make your walls stand out more. The LED lights on the side of the rack will provide beautiful and stunning lighting. Wall Shelves from Homedit.

Preparing the Rug


Rugs are home accessories that will protect your feet from the cold floor. Complementing your living room decor with a rug is the right idea and will never fail. Choosing a wide color block Rug will present a beautiful and colorful appearance in your living room so that it looks more perfect. Color Block Rug from Homedesignlover.

Consider to Have a Wall Gallery


Decorating bedroom walls is one interesting way to make your walls look more attractive. Making a wall gallery is one of the interesting ideas that you can try. You can use some pictures of leaves and animals in the frame to create a gallery wall so that it will give a natural look. Bedroom Wall Gallery from Nextluxury.

Play with Pattern


Playing patterns in living room decoration is a creative idea that you should try. You can use applying motifs to the carpet. Choosing a cobalt blue tassel rug with a simple and elegant motif will bring together beauty and comfort in your living room. Patterned Rug from Homedit.

Use Color for the Entryway


The green color will bring a refreshing look to your decor. Using green leaf wallpaper for your entryway decoration will give it a fresh and bright natural look. Then adding an orange bench equipped with patterned cushions will present a contrast that looks beautiful and stunning on your entryway. Green and Orange Entryway from Decoist.

Provide Antiques


Adding antiques to your home decor will present a unique look and can inspire everyone who sees it. A wooden table with gold carving accents is one of the antique furniture that is suitable for decorating your home. Placing antique mini statues and some classic candle holders on the table will make your antique table look even more perfect. Antique Table from Betterhousekeeper.

Providing Greenery


Complementing the living room decor with greenery will bring the perfect natural look to your home. Banana trees and large leafy plants are tropical plants that are suitable for your indoor decoration. Placing it between the furniture will give a beautiful look and a refreshing air to your living room. Indoor Greenery from Apartmenttherapy.

Installing Impressive Curtain


Curtain is one of the home accessories that you can use to complete your bedroom decor. Long windows curtains that match the color of other bedroom accessories will give a beautiful and harmonious look in your bedroom. Choosing a floral patterned curtain will bring a feminine and elegant look to your bedroom, making it suitable for a girl’s bedroom. Long Floral Curtain from Impressiveinteriordesign.

Having at least One Art Work


Painting is one of the beautiful works of art. Using paintings to complement the living room decoration is one of the ideas that you should try to present the perfect visual appearance. Installing a large abstract painting on the wall will bring a perfect touch of art in your living room and will become a stunning focal point. Abstract Wall Art from Ofdesign.

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