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Deciding the home style to be applied when decorating or upgrading your home is quite confusing sometimes. However, from all of the home styles that exist, there are 10 home styles that most popular. You can consider those ten styles that we will mention below than wondering of other styles that can be really wasting your time. Anyway, in choosing the right home style, you can pick the one based on the home atmosphere that you want to have in your home. Whether it is simple, warm, unique, glamorous, or fun just adjust it with each home style that existed. Here we will show you the image for the home-style example and also the explanation to give you the knowledge of each style characteristic.




Applying a contemporary style to your living room decor is an interesting idea. Fireplaces made of gray flagstone will provide a beautiful texture and are suitable for your contemporary decorating ideas. You can also use curved furniture to complement your living room decoration so that it will look more perfect. Contemporary Living Room from Architecturaldigest.

Mid-Century Modern


A mid-century modern living room with white shades will present a clean and bright look. The large glass window on the side of the living room will give the perfect midcentury modern touch. Then you can add a house plant in the corner of your living room to bring a natural feel to your modern mid-century living room decor. White Midcentury Modern Living Room from Mydomaine.



A gray sofa is one of the right choices to complement the minimalist living room decor. White carpet will provide warmth and still look simple so it will never fail for your minimalist decor. Three wall hangings and a houseplant in the corner will bring beauty to your minimalist living room without overdoing it. Minimalist Living Room from Home-designing.



Concrete walls are one of the right choices to bring an industrial style to your dining room. Using furniture made of a combination of wood and metal will make the industrial style in your dining room thicker. Then you can add a metal pendant light as a lighting idea so that it will make your decoration more perfect. Industrial Dining Room from Home-designing.



Using a floor to ceiling stone fireplace with a reclaimed wood beam coat accent will give the perfect rustic look to your living room. Complementing it with a ceiling made of barn wood will strengthen your rustic decor so that it is even more perfect. Rustic Living Room from Countryliving.



If you like the farmhouse style for your home decorating ideas, try using natural furniture. Dining tables and chairs made of wood are the right choice for your farmhouse decorating ideas. The wooden floor will complete the decor of your dining room with a perfect natural touch. Farmhouse Dining Room from Industrystandarddesign.



Choosing to use neutral shades like white is the right idea for Scandinavian-style decorating ideas. Wooden floors will bring a simple Scandinavian look to your dining room. Complementing it with wooden furniture with a modern design will make your Scandinavian decor look perfect. Scandinavian Living Room from Homestratosphere.



Installing patterned tapestry on your bedroom wall will bring the perfect touch of boho there. Patterned cushions and carpets will complete your bohemian decor. Then you can add a boho lantern and house plant in your bedroom to make it look better and more complete. Bohemian Bedroom from Homedit.



Using shades of beige to decorate a traditional-style living room is the perfect idea. Living room furniture such as wooden tables and wooden fireplace with classic designs are the right choice for your traditional decoration. Then you can complete it with accessories such as mirrors, curtains, carpets with traditional themes to make it look more perfect. Traditional Living Room from Homedit.



Try to use neutral shades for the transitional living room decoration so that it will present an elegant and calming feel. Choosing to use curved furniture with a design will present a transitional decoration resulting from a combination of traditional and contemporary. Then you can complete it with accessories such as wall decor and flower arrangements to make it look more complete. Transitional Living Room from Decoraid.

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