Whether you are looking at investing in a buy-to-sell property in Kenya or you simply want to put a lot of work into your new Kenyan home to express yourself and to have a project to get stuck into, it can be difficult to know where to start when you are buying a Kenyan home with renovation in mind. Here is a guide to some of the steps that you need to take. 

Find the Right Property 

The first step that you need to take if you want to renovate a new home in Kenya is to find a property that suits renovation. For instance, if the home in question is already pristine or does not have any character, you may find it difficult to get inspired when it comes to renovations. You should consider looking around for the right property in Kenya. You might also consider buying this property as a second home so that you can live in your main home while you renovate. Kenya Property Centre can help you to find the perfect home for you to renovate in Africa. 

Conduct any Necessary Repairs

Once you have found the perfect property in Kenya, you should then conduct the necessary repairs before you even think about getting out your paintbrush. Before you buy the property in Kenya, you should get a property inspection to ensure that you have an idea of the work that will need to be performed once the sale goes through. Then, once you have moved to Kenya, you should consider if you have the skills to be able to do the repairs yourself, or whether you will need to hire a local Kenyan professional. Some of the DIY repairs that you can do include replacing roof tiles, fixing your guttering, and putting up new fencing around the house’s exterior. 

Add Value-Adding Features

When you are renovating a new home, you also need to find ways that you can add value to the home in question, especially if you are thinking of selling it in the near future. There are many features that are coveted by Kenyan homebuyers in 2021. These include underfloor heating, a luxurious bathroom, energy-efficient appliances, and a landscaped garden. Many of these features are ones that you can implement yourself, and if you are struggling to install these features into your home in Kenya, you should look at guides and videos on Youtube, or take a local DIY course once you move to Africa. 

Convert Different Rooms 

When you are renovating the rooms in your new Kenyan property, it is also important to consider how you might convert these into rooms with different functions. This will ensure that you can make use of every single space in your home and ensure that you have the rooms that your family needs when they move to Kenya. For instance, if you need less storage but more sleeping areas, you could consider converting your attic into a bedroom. You might also consider converting your basement or garage into entertainment rooms. If you do not have the spare rooms to do this, you might consider building an extension or conservatory onto your home once you have settled into life in Africa.

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