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Doing the recycling project for your furniture will be worth it. Don’t ever think that you will get the cheap impression of it. You can even have the artistic and unique impression when you know exactly how to juggle your old stuff to be something more valuable. Here, you should focus on the design and the additional material that you will use besides the main old stuff material itself. You can paint the material based on the design impression that you want to build. Whether it is rustic, modern, glamorous, shabby chic, all are possible to be created. To give you inspiration, here we have prepared some references that you can copy or at least to bring you to more awesome ideas. Enjoy!


Utilizing used goods to make furniture is an interesting idea that you can try. You can use drums to make sofas and coffee tables. Don’t forget to paint the drum furniture to make it look more beautiful and like new. Adding pads to the sofa drum will make your furniture feel more comfortable. Drum Furniture from Homecrux.


Complementing your outdoor decor with furniture will make it a comfortable place to relax. You can use tires to make furniture so that it will look unique. First you have to prepare the equipment, after that you can paint the tires and stack them. Don’t forget to add glass at the top so that it will become a unique and attractive coffee table. Green Tire Coffee Table from Boredpanda.


Recycling tire into furniture is an interesting idea that you should try to complete your home decor. You can make a coffee table using tires so it will look creative. Then don’t forget to paint it and add a glass table on the top of the tire so it will look more perfect. DIY Tire Table from Boredpanda.


Utilizing an old wooden ladder to complete your home decor is an interesting idea. Try recycling old wooden ladders to make book shells. You can install old wooden ladder shelves on the wall so that it will make your walls stand out and keep your books organized. Old Wooden Ladder Book Shelves from Dailynewsdig.


If you have a broken and unused piano, don’t throw it away. You can recycle the piano into furniture to complement your home decor so that it will look unique and still save costs. Turning a piano into book shelves and mounting it on the wall will make it an attractive focal point in your home. Old Piano Book Shelves from Dailynewsdig.


Try to recycle your bathtub into unique furniture to complement your home decor. You can make a bench using an old bathtub so that it will make your decor look attractive. Adding a pad to your bathtub bench will make your bench feel more comfortable and look perfect. Blue Bathtub Bench from Architectureartdesigns.


You can take advantage of an unused bathtub to complement the furniture in your home. Try recycling the bathtub into a bench to complete your porch decoration. Adding a wooden stand to the bathtub bench will bring a perfect natural look to your porch. Brown Bathtub Bench from Architectureartdesigns.


Side table is one of the suitable furniture to complete your living room decoration. Making a DIY side table is an interesting idea that you should try now. You can use the suitcase to make a side table and place it next to the armchair so that it gives a nice look. Suitcase Side Table from Homedit.


If you like unique furniture, try recycling your unused items into furniture. You can use old suitcase to create a desk so it will be a more useful item. Then you can place it in your workspace so that it will present a unique look with a vintage touch. Old Suitcase Desk from Wonderfuldiy.


A coffee table is one of the furniture that you should decorate your living room to make it look more complete. Try to make a DIY coffee table to save money and make it look more creative. You can make a coffee table with old Suitcase so that it will present a vintage look that can attract the attention of every guest who comes. Vintage Coffee Table from Wonderfuldiy.


Rolling shelves will be a practical storage idea in your home because they are easier to move. You can make a rolling shelf using a wooden crate so that it will look unique. Then you can paint it with a sky blue color to make it look more beautiful and like new. Wooden Crate Rolling Shelves from Homebnc.


A DIY side table made of recycled wooden crates looks simple and attractive to complement your living room decor. The side table legs made of copper will make it stand firmly. Placing the crate side table next to the sofa will make it easier for you to place and retrieve the items that are there. Wooden Crate Side Table from Homebnc.


Making a DIY coffee table to complement the living room decor is an interesting idea that you can try now. Recycling wooden crates into a coffee table will bring the perfect rustic look to the living room. Painting the crate coffee table with wood color will present a natural look that can soothe the heart. DIY Crate Coffee Table from Homebnc.


You can use old wooden crates to make furniture so that it is more useful. What you have to do after preparing all the equipment, namely stacking wooden crates. Then you can add a piece of wood plank on top so it will be a perfect table in a rustic style. DIY Wooden Crate Desk from Homedit.


Shoe rack is one of the furniture that you should have in your home to keep your shoe collection tidy. Recycling wooden crates to make shoe racks is one of the creative ideas that you should make. Painting it blue and adding wheels at the bottom will make your shoe rack look perfect. Blue Crate Shoes Rack from Homedit.

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