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Who doesn’t have shoes! Everyone has even more than 2 pairs to be worn for each season. Well, we know that each season will need different footwear. Considering that fact, you should make sure that you provide the proper shoes storage. Here, if you don’t put the shoes in the right storage, then your space will be seen as messy. Of course, there will be so many ideas for shoes storage, from the hidden storage, build-in storage, to the common exposed storage. The choice of storage can be adjusted based on your home space. In case you have a small home space, then you can choose the hidden one. You should be able to utilize any possible space to be juggled as storage. Check some references below.


If you have a large collection of shoes, you must pay attention to how they are stored. Utilizing the space under the stairs for shoe storage ideas is an interesting idea. You can create hidden drawers under the stairs so they look neat and don’t take up floor space. Under the Stairs Shoe Storage from Shelterness.


Using a wooden ladder to make a vertical shelf is the right idea. So you can use it to display your shoe collection so it will look neat and organized. Placing the leader racks in the corner of the room will make it an attractive focal point in your home. Wooden Ladder Shoe Display from Shelterness.


Choosing to use vertical shoe storage is the right idea and is suitable for narrow spaces. You can use a black standing rack with wicker basket for your shoe storage ideas. So that your shoes do not fall easily and still look neat. Vertical Shoe Storage from Shelterness.


Utilizing doors for shoe storage ideas is one of the right solutions to save space. You can attach a hanging pocket to your door and then use it to store your shoe collection. So it can accommodate a lot of shoes but does not take up floor space. Hanging Pockets Shoes Storage from Shelterness.


Using shelves for shoe storage ideas is a simple and interesting idea. You can make a floating rack using copper PVC on the wall so it will save space. Then you can display your shoe collection there so that it will look neat and organized. Copper Shoe Rack from Shelterness.


You can use vertical shelves for your shoe storage ideas so that they save more floor space. Try using a DIY pallet rack so that it will present a natural rustic look. Then you can place it on the wall so that it will look practical and attractive. Pallet Shoes Storage from Shelterness.


If you don’t have enough space, you can use an under bed for storage ideas. You can use under-bed pallet racks for your shoe storage ideas. So you can store your shoe collection properly and still save space. Under Bed Shes Storage from Shelterness.


Try using walls for practical shoe storage ideas that will save space. You can use wooden crates to make wall shelves. Don’t forget to paint the wooden crate with colorful paints to make it look more beautiful. Then you can display the shoe collection on the crate rack so that it is easier to access. Colorful Wooden Crate Shoes Storage from Homebnc.


Choosing to use an ottoman for your shoe collection storage idea is one amazing idea. You can arrange the shoes and put them in the ottoman and close it. So your shoes won’t be an eyesore and stay safe yet very easy to access. Ottoman Shoes Storage from Homebnc.


Open wall cabinets are a great option for practical shoe storage ideas. Twelve small cubes can accommodate a large collection of your shoes and will still look neat. Open wall cabinets are also easier to access and won’t take up floor space making them perfect for small spaces. Open Wall Cabinet Shoes Storage from Homebnc.

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