Having a collection of beautiful shoes is pleasant. You’ll have many choices to wear a pair of them to make you more confident. Still, have you ever confused to store them to look tidy? Absolutely, you need to provide space to arrange them beautifully at home. Today, we’ve presented some shoes storage space to keep your shoes away from clutter as follow.

  1. Shoes in every Step
1. steps
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If you have no enough space in your home, you can utilize steps become drawers to store your shoes. The design is unique and useful to keep your home looks clean and tidy.

  1. Under Wardrobe
2. under wardrobe
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Other storages that will keep your shoes away from clutter is wardrobe. The design is not only to keep your clothes and accessories, but also your shoes. Place them inside the drawer under wardrobe. It’s so nice!

  1. Multifunction Closet
3. closet
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You can also create a multifunction wardrobe in your home. The two spaces can be used to keep your clothes and the next room is useful for shoes storage. It also to ease you to get what you need to wear in one wardrobe only.

  1. Creative Shoes Storage
4. embed
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To get arround usage of narrow space in your home, you can try this design of shoes storage. It’s creative and effective to keep your shoes away from clutter.

  1. Shelves on the Wall
5. rack on the wall
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You also can create shoes storage in simple way. For this design you need to provide some rack on the wall.

  1. Under Bed
6. under bed
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Usually, there is always empty space under bed. Make it as shoes storage is good idea for you to utilize each space in your home.

  1. Understairs
7. understairs
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Under staircase is also can be the space to store your shoes. It benefits to keep your home tidy by arranging your shoes inside the drawers.

  1. Beautiful Pails
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You can use anything to store your shoes at home, including these green pails. It’s so cute and beautiful beacuse they are not only keep your shoes away from clutter, but also beautify your home interior.

  1. Bench for Shoes
9. bench for shoes
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Your shoes can be stored anywhere, including in a long bench. When you close the flap, it will look as an elegant furniture in your home.

  1. Corner Shoes Storage
10. corner
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If you have corner space behind the door, don’t ignore it. You can utilize the space to be a unique shoes storage. Provide some shape of triangle boards on the corner to keep your shoes.

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