Having a collection of beautiful shoes is pleasant. You’ll have many choices to wear a pair of them to make you more confident. Still, have you ever been confused about storing them to look tidy? Absolutely, you need to provide space to arrange them beautifully at home. Today, we’ve presented some shoes storage space to keep your shoes away from clutter as follows.

Shoes in every Step


The pull-out drawer at the bottom of this ladder can be used as an area to keep all your shoes neat and organized. Currently you can use two to three different drawers and with different sizes to make it more varied, adjust it to the remaining space. Pull-Out Shoe Storage Drawer from @nelsoncarpentry1


If you don’t have enough space in your home, you can use steps to become drawers to store your shoes. The design is unique and useful to keep your home looking clean and tidy. Steps Drawer Storage from @re_iddesign

Entryway Area


You can try the entryway decoration which is perfected by the storage of this shoe rack. Because in this entryway area, of course you need a shoe storage area that has been used outside the room, you can apply this multifunctional console table. Entryway Shoes Storage Ideas from @diariesofmyhome


Other storages that will keep your shoes away from clutter are entryways. The design is not only to protect your boots and accessories, but also your shoes. Place them inside the wall cubbies. It’s so nice!. Cubbies Storage Ideas from @a.cotswold.lifestyle

Multifunction Closet


The shoe rack which is applied vertically in the closet area is ready to be used as a new focal point that makes the room look more elegant, neat and orderly. Repaint the shelving with a touch of white for an elegant look that can never fail to be tried out today . Vertical Space Closet Shoes Storage from @chaoscleared


You can also create a multifunctional wardrobe in your home. The two spaces can be used to store your clothes and the next room is useful for storing shoes. It also makes it easier for you to get what you need to wear in one wardrobe only. Multifunction Storage Closet from @tilvacuumdouspart

Minimalist Wall Mounted Storage


To get around the usage of narrow space in your home, you can try this design of shoe storage. It’s creative and effective to keep your shoes away from clutter. Wall Mounted Wall Shoes Storage from @yankodesign

Shelves on the Wall


The wall which is painted in bright yellow color is the center of attention. You can try to apply a shoe rack that is arranged vertically. The shelf used can be painted in a matching color to make it more beautiful and harmonious. Statement Shoes Storage from @ouremporium


You can also create shoe storage in a simple way. For this design you need to provide some racks on the wall. Wall Rack Shoes Storage from @rachelorganizes


The rods that are installed vertically on this wall are an open storage area that you can try for your shoe storage area. Choose and use only rods with stainless steel material to make it more sturdy when used for a long time. Wall Rods Storage from @immaculatetouch_

Under Bench


Usually, there is always empty space under the bench. Making it as shoe storage is a good idea for you to utilize each space in your home. Shoes Storage Under Bench from @homeonanashvillehill

Vertical Shoe Rack


Vertical shoe racks are a smart choice when you have limited home décor. Have it with a minimalist and contemporary design. Vertical Shoes Storage from @livingetcind


You can use anything to store your shoes at home, including these baskets. It’s so cute and beautiful because they not only keep your shoes away from clutter, but also beautify your home interior. Basket Holder Shoes Storage from @taylorv.cowan

Cubbies for Shoes


If you have cubbies then just use them as a storage area for your shoes to make them safer from dust. Cubbies made of transparent plastic are easy to move because they are small and light. Transparent Cubbies Storage from @cleanorganisedmumma

Pallet Material


Inexpensive, easy to make and easy to install is a pallet shoe rack design that can be applied to a wall vertically. You can try it right now. DIY Pallet Wood Storage from @fat_to_5km

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