Are you looking for someone who wants to buy house in Calgary privately? Maybe, you are waiting for the right time and the right moment to do so. 

According to the latest data available, the month of July in 2021 recorded the best sale of homes in its history. In April of the same year, 3,209 units were sold, increasing 460% from 2020. 

The reasons behind Calgarians buying houses in such large numbers vary from more savings to feeling the need of having a bigger space for their home office setup. Whatever the reason behind selling a house privately, it carries several benefits and advantages from selling it the traditional way, involving real estate agents. 

After you have decided to sell your property, it would be helpful to ask a few questions to make the entire process easier and more smooth. 

How to set the right price for the house?

Arriving at the right price for your house is the first step. The price is one of the first things that any prospective buyer would look at. 

You could do this by exploring homes similar to yours and figuring out the price at which they were sold. Another way to do this is to hire a professional appraiser. You could also consider using social media platforms to advertise your house to attract more buyers.

What documents are needed to sell the property?

Since you will be selling the house privately, it is even more vital to possess the essential legal documents. Some of the papers that should be in your possession while selling your house in Calgary are a copy of the title, purchase contract, and home repair and maintenance records, if any. 

It would help if you also had past utility bills, seller’s disclosure, personal property exclusion list, buyer’s cost sheet, and property profile fact sheet. In addition, you will also have to disclose certain items, including homeowners association dues, whether the house has the permit requirements, and any restrictions on the property’s use. 

How to prepare your house for sale?

You must prepare your house for sale by cleaning and decluttering it. Remove objects and things that you feel will distract the buyer. Clean and shine your kitchen, rooms, ceilings, walls, floors, and all the other areas of the house. Fix any leaky pipes or faucets that will create a wrong impression. If there is a yard and a garden attached, clean the yard and weed the garden. 

You should always be available to clarify any doubts and answer any questions that prospective buyers may have. 

What time of the year is best for selling your house?

While there is no single best time to sell your house in Calgary, holidays and weather play a role. It is usually observed that very few people look to buy homes on Christmas or during the summer vacations

During spring, house sales witness an impressive rise. During August, house sales are low as people are generally away for holidays but rise again during the fall or autumn. Around January, buyers start becoming active while the buying season continues till spring. 

Before you find a buyer who wants to buy a house in Calgary privately, these are some questions that you should go through. It is always better to be well researched, especially when you make decisions as important as selling a home. 

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