A luxurious, welcoming bathroom is an important space in any home. A bathroom is a space we use to clean, relax, and unwind so it’s imperative we make the space beautiful, clean, and relaxing. You don’t have to be a design expert to have the best bathroom but knowledge here is certainly wealth and we’re here to give you some tips on how to transform your bathroom space into a designer’s dream. We’re here to show you how to how to get the most out of the functionality and the design. 


Every bathroom will benefit from a clutter-free environment. Not only from a cleaning perspective but from the viewpoint of walking into a design dream, the luxury minimalist environment you simply can’t wait to use. You can really utilize dead space in any bathroom through open shelving, floating shelves, and window boxed shelving to store toilet rolls and rolled-up towels. It’s all designers dream about to have your clutter behind closed doors so if you can, be sure to feature so closed off storage elements such as large sink spaces featuring cupboards to hide your bathroom nick-nacks. 

Smart and Digital Showers 

A smart and digital shower is a must-have for every bathroom in every home, particularly if you have a large family. With the ability to voice control your shower, you can even set personal profiles with the perfect temperature and water pressure for your shower each time you step in. You most certainly deserve this after a long tiring day working. By repeating the exact same shower at the click of a button you are feeling the benefit of temperature safety and water-saving features, perfect for a family aiming to make a more environmentally home. 

Free Standing Baths 

From a design perspective, the free-standing bath is a beautiful centerpiece to any bathroom. You can feature an elegant chandelier above the bath to create a real focal point to the room. Additionally, the free-standing bath is perfect from a design perspective, allowing you to be as creative as possible with your bathroom design. Our best advice is to place your free-standing bath by a large window letting in lots of light. This is perfect if your home boasts a beautiful view, where nobody can look in of course! 

Wall Mounted Features 

Wall-mounted features are the perfect bathroom space saver. From heated towel rails to floating shelves to home décor features, every bathroom benefits. The heated towel rail essentially does two jobs in one, it takes away the need to have a towel rail AND a radiator, therefore reducing the space taken up in your room. Believe it or not, a heated towel rail is a stylish feature that if fitted and chosen correctly can be a sophisticated element to your bathroom. 

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