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Windows won’t be such domination in a house, but it can be the spot that you should consider to be decorated also. Including this fall, when you add the touches of the season here and there, you should also give your windows the same treatment. Especially when it is the window that can let you spot the outdoor space to enjoy the outdoor fall scenery, it will be great if you enjoy it in a pack with the beauty of the window itself. The window decoration itself could be really varied. You can apply the decoration by hanging it, stick it, or simply put it near the window. Here are some references to the fall window decoration applications for you.

Maple Leaf Chain


Try doing a DIY project to complete the window decoration to make it look more attractive. You can use maple leaf to make some chains. Then you can hang it on the glass so that it will make your window decorations look stunning and will never fail in the fall. Leaf Chains from Redbookmag

Maple Leaf Sticker


If you want to decorate your autumn window you can use the maple leaf theme. Try to decorate your glass window with maple leaf stickers by sticking it on the window. This will make your windows look more festive in the fall. Maple Leaf Sticker from Innerchildfun

Candy Corn Wreath


Decorating windows is an interesting way to enhance your home decor. You can make a wreath using DIY candy corn. Then you can hang it on the glass window so that it will present a beautiful and attractive appearance in autumn. Candy Corn Wreath from Woohome

Maple Leaf Garland


To enhance the fall décor in your home, try doing a DIY project to decorate windows. You can use maple leaf and mini pumpkin to make a garland. Then you can chain it using a rope and display it on the window so that it will produce a special attraction. Maple Garland from Bhg

Maple Leaf Arrangement


Making use of maple leaves to complement fall décor is an idea that will never fail. You can place the maple leaf arrangement in a glass vase filled with water. Then place it right in front of the window so that it will give a real fall display in your home. Maple Leaf Arrangement from Deavita

Pumpkin Display


Pumpkin is one harvest that will not fail to complete your fall decorations. You can use some pumpkins to decorate the fall window to make it look more interesting. It doesn’t have to be complicated, just align some pumpkins in front of the window along with candles and cinnamon so they will look even better. Pumpkin Display from Theyummylife

Maple Leaf Suncatcher


Suncatcher is one of the ornaments that will never fail to decorate your glass window. You can make a DIY suncatcher with a maple leaf accent in the middle to bring a fall look to your home. Hanging it on a window will give it an eye-catching display and still work well for capturing sunlight. Maple Leaf Suncatcher from Icanteachmychild

Carved Pumpkin Lantern


You can use pumpkin to complement the window decorations so it will give a simple fall look. Try to make a pumpkin lantern by carving it to make it look more attractive. Then you can display it along with pumpkin and candles to make it look more complete. Carved Pumpkin Lantern from Realsimple

Paper Pumpkin Craft


Making DIY crafts to complement the fall window decorations is a creative idea that you can try now. You can make DIY pumpkin crafts using colored paper. Then you can assemble it and hang it on the window so that it will make your window look more festive and beautiful. Paper Pumpkins Craft from Newengland

Decorative Candle


Using candles to complete the fall window decoration is an interesting idea. You can use a glass candle holder containing maple leaf, candy corn and others to present an attractive fall display. Then you can place it in front of the glass window so that in addition to giving a beautiful fall appearance, it will also provide elegant lighting. Decorative Candle from Deavita

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