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There are so many things that you commonly concern about when decorating your bathroom. However, there is one thing that you usually forget which is the bathroom mats. You might think that a mat is only a mat that does not need to be too much considered. Though, the mat could add beauty to your bathroom decoration. Even when it is only a simple thing but can give such a big effect. Here, you should choose the mat material, mat design, mat pattern, mat color that are related to the style of the mat itself to be harmonious with the decoration style that you apply to the bathroom. It can be said that the mat completes the bathroom decoration besides its main function to let the bathroom dry. If you are wondering about how the mat can do its magic work, you can see the following 10 bathroom mat ideas!


Patterned Boho Mat


Mat is one of the accessories that can be used to complete the decoration of all rooms in your home, the bathroom is one of them. You can adjust the mat to the style of your bathroom to make it look harmonious. Choosing to use a patterned mat is the right choice for boho-style bathroom decorations so that it looks perfect. Patterned Mat from Shelterness.

Wooden Mat


Complementing the bathroom decor with a mat can keep your floor dry and more comfortable. Matching the mat with the bathroom theme is one of the important things. You can use a wooden mat for a natural bathroom so it will look better. Wooden Mat from Realhomes.

Pebble Mat


Complementing your bathroom decor with a mat is an interesting idea that will protect the floor from splashing water. You can choose to use a rectangular mat made of Pebble. So that the pebble mat will give a perfect natural look in your bathroom. Pebble Mat from Decoist.

Furry Mat

Luxury white bathroom in modern house

The combination of white walls and wooden floors will present a clean look and is suitable for modern bathroom decorating ideas. Floating furniture will never fail and is perfect for presenting a modern look. Complementing it with a rectangular mat without a motif will make your modern bathroom decoration look very stunning. Plain Furry Mats from Mymove.

Dark Grey Mat


You will never fail to add mat to your bathroom décor. Because it can protect the floor from splashing water so it is not slippery and remains safe. You can use a dark gray carpet to complement your minimalist bathroom decor so that it looks very suitable. Dark Gray Mat from Digsdigs

Blue Nautical Mat Theme


Matching accessories with the theme of the bathroom is one of the things that can improve the decor of your bathroom. Navy walls look perfect for a nautical themed bathroom. Adding a blue anchor patterned mat is the perfect idea so that it fits into your bathroom theme. Anchor Mat from Completely-coastal.

Blue Coastal Mat


Mats are one of the accessories that will never fail to complete your bathroom decor. Choosing a contemporary design for bathroom decoration with a combination of light blue and white will bring a bright look. Using a plain blue mat will make your decoration more perfect. Blue Mat from Deavita.

Farmhouse Mat


This small bathroom has a sink made of zinc and wood and brings a farmhouse look to your bathroom. Adding a rug under the sink will protect your floor from splashing water and keep it dry. You can choose a patterned carpet made of burlap so it is suitable for farmhouse style. Farmhouse Mat from Homebnc.

Black Modern Mat


Choosing to use the Scandinavian style to decorate your bathroom is an interesting idea. You can use a combination of white and black so it will look very attractive. Then you can add accessories such as mats and others to make it look more perfect. Black mat is the right choice because it matches the feel of your bathroom. Black Mat from Digsdigs.

Leaf Shape Mat


Choosing a tropical theme for your bathroom decorating ideas will present a beautiful look there. Accents of wood, house plants, greeneries behind the glass will add to the perfection of your tropical decor. Then you can add a leaf shape mat to make your tropical decoration look perfect. Leaf Shape Mat from Trendir.


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