Painting Walls
Two persons painting a wall

If you DIY often, you’re already saving yourself a lot of money. But with the right plan, you can transform a whole room with a single project. The best part is that these improvements will only cost you a handful!

A Fresh Coat of Paint

Consider giving your washed-out and drab walls a splash of exquisite depth (or wash away your need for extravagance with a coat of white) by painting all over them. That’s the impact paint can have: it rearranges your perspective. That is also why painting is the most often common DIY improvement people go after. 

However, even though you won’t have to learn to paint like a professional, much effort goes into a good paint job. That’s why before you start painting your walls, ensure you have the basics down. 

Increase Space for Storage

One simple, budget-friendly home improvement idea is to increase the storage space inside your home. This could be as simple as adding bookshelves to the living room or floating shelves to the kitchen. 

If you want to take this a step further, you can build storage space under the stairs or expand your existing closets! 

Boost Sunlight

If you’re an avid fan of the outdoors, you’ll be surprised to know there’s a way you can bring the outdoors inside. Pull out those old windows and replace them with bigger floor-to-ceiling windows. Build a skylight into your bathroom, or better yet, you can also paint your ceilings white so that light can reflect better all across your house. 

Consider Finishing the Basement

One home improvement idea people often put off is finishing their basement. Not only does a basement give you more living space, but you can also use it as a space for entertainment or as a family room. 

Moreover, it also has a brilliant return on investment, allowing you to sell your home faster. 

Get a Programmable Thermostat

Go digital with a thermostat that can automatically change your house’s temperature. This makes things convenient for you since you don’t have to meddle with the settings often. It can also trim hundreds of dollars (particularly if you have split system air conditioning units) from your annual cooling and heating costs. 

Simpler models of this thermostat that only control the heat settings can be found at a lower price. However, we would still recommend you get one that has settings for dehumidifying and cooling. You can typically purchase them from an HVAC contractor, and the installation process isn’t rocket science. 

Transform Your Attic

Don’t forget your attic when you’re completing the improvements around your house! You can customise your attic and make it more useful than it already is. Some people make a kids bedroom, extra bathroom, playroom, living area, or even a home office in their attic. To ensure this plan phases out smoothly, you may have to hire a professional to help you create a blueprint for the place. 

Don’t try to go about it yourself since attic spaces have complex insulation and structural needs.

Wrapping Up

It’s your home, after all. Live your life to the fullest while you’re there but always remember that some repairs and upgrades are essential as you walk through the different stages of life. Most of all, consider making your house environmentally friendly. 

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