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There are several considerations you need to make when you’re building a house in Australia. Of all the choices you ponder, choosing between a single and a double-storey home is one decision that tops the list. 

Be it lifestyle choices, budget, or land sustainability; everything will impact the final decision you make. To help make your decision easier, we’ve listed the primary pros and cons of single and double-storey homes.

Overall Cost

Double-storey homes in Australia are usually slightly more costly than single storey homes. But that’s not the only pricing consideration one must make. Even though it’s possible you’ll spend around 10 percent extra on a double-storey house, you have more yard space which is a definite bonus.

However, Aussies that don’t aren’t too passionate about a spacious yard can easily fit a double-storey house on a small block. This way, they won’t have to sacrifice any of the living space either. However, it’s also worth mentioning that double-storey homes have more cooling and heating costs.

In this regard, single storey homes can be substantially more affordable even if you’re using the air conditioner regularly.

Size of the Block

This factor is going to have a massive impact on the style of home you build. Around Australia, block sizes are getting increasingly smaller with every new subdivision. To compensate for this trend, builders have now started to offer land packages and houses on narrower lots of land.

Now, the average size of a homesite is just above 400 sqm. Because of this factor, several buyers are now opting for double-storey homes in Australia to increase their living space on a small lot.

Single storey homes take up a larger portion of the block by sacrificing much-needed outdoor space. When you build upwards, you don’t have to compromise on the land space, and you can also choose a plan that fits you and your family. Rather than spreading, you stack your living spaces which means you can have decent-sized bedrooms and living areas. You’re also left with additional space for new family members!

Moreover, a double-storey home also leaves ample room for an alfresco area, a spacious garden, and perhaps even a swimming pool if you’re optimistic. If you have pets or kids, the absence of a backyard can be a deal-breaker. Moreover, if you also want to entertain friends and family members, the alfresco area may be a top consideration for you.

So you don’t necessarily need a big backyard or a big block since a double-storey home won’t only give you more floor space, but it’ll also give you more yard space compared to a single storey home.

Property Aspects

If your land has a great view, then you’ve been presented with a brilliant opportunity to build a double-storey home. It will showcase the panoramic views while also adding value to your property. When you build upwards, you also capture more natural light and get added space for the extra bathrooms and bedrooms, which also increases your home’s price.

Double-storey designs also present a more impressive and grand entrance that gives your home improved kerb appeal. That said, you also need to consider the homes around your house. Do you want your double-storey home to towering all single storey homes in your neighbourhood or vice versa?

Stage of Life

It’s equally important to choose a house that grows with your family’s needs.

Ask yourself: Do I want to have children? What are their future needs going to be? How soon do I want children? Or, you could also be living in a home that is too big for your family. Practically, single storey homes are perfect for homeowners who don’t think a set of stairs is suitable for their home.

For instance, retirees, people with disabilities, or physical injuries often prefer living in a single storey home. That’s because they don’t have to worry about climbing up and down the stairs to get from their bedroom to their dining room.

Moreover, single storey homes are also popular choices for families that have young children. Their home lets them keep an eye on their toddlers, and stairs can also be dangerous for infants or kids who can’t walk.

On the other hand, families with teenagers might opt for double-storey homes since they offer a somewhat secluded space to members of the family.

Wrapping Up

While there are many good and bad things about both choices, it’s a decision one must make based on their family’s needs, their future, their lifestyle, and most importantly, their budget.

Once you’ve decided, hire a builder like GJ Gardner home builders, and start preparing the blueprint for your dreams.

Good luck!

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