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When people own homes there are often many issues that they need to address. It could be anything from preventing the rain from damaging their property to finding somewhere to store items. Garage spaces are usually small and crammed with all kinds of miscellaneous stuff. It can be hard knowing where to put things or remembering where you had them last.

If you have any of these issues, don’t worry because this article will give you some helpful tips on how to improve your garage and make the most of your available space.

Get A Garage Storage Lift

This is a device that can be installed in your garage to store items like bicycles, luggage, and even skis. Using this lift makes storing things much easier because what used to be taking up all the floor space is now kept securely overhead. As an additional benefit, you don’t have to bend over every time you need to get something. Also, you’ll get a lot more use out of your stuff if it’s not so difficult to access!

You can find these great innovations on specialist websites on the internet. It’s possible to find the Best Garage Storage Lift and some are retractable as well as ceiling mounted. Some models don’t require a power source or technology (e.g. a phone app) because you simply use your drill or a hand-crank. Make sure your choice is stable and won’t swing about, and that it has cables supporting the weight.

Have A Good Clear-Out

Rather than tidying up a few things in your garage, it’s best to get everything out and start again. This way, you’ll be able to identify what needs throwing and what can stay – and where is the best place to keep it. Here are some useful questions that you need to ask yourself:

  • Do I use this item?
  • Do I really need it (especially if I have several) or could someone else make better use of it?
  • Is there something wrong with it? If so, can it be repaired or should it be replaced?

If an object has no real value don’t keep it – throw it away, give it to a friend, donate it to charity or sell it.

Sort Your Garage Into Sections

This is a brilliant idea providing you have sufficient space in your garage. For example, you could have one area for yard tools or hobby equipment and another for your car/s. You can put different labels on things in each section, or even buy different colored storage containers to make things easier to find.

The purpose of having different sections is that everything has its own space and that it isn’t just thrown together haphazardly. This stops you from wasting time digging around trying to find things, which is not an efficient use of your time. Also, different allocated areas will make it easier to clean out your garage because you can sort out one section at a time. In summary, it helps you keep your garage organized, neat, tidy and free from clutter.


Add Shelving

Perhaps you have lots of empty wall space that you can put to good use. Shelves allow you to store things neatly and you can install them at different levels.  If you have the right tools, this is an easy DIY project that can be completed in just a couple of hours.

Your shelves need to be sturdy and durable. Ones made of wood are perfect for the job as they can hold a lot of weight without bending or breaking. Metal shelving also works but it can be quite flimsy, so make sure it will be able to hold everything before you buy.

General Storage Ideas

Pegboards or racks allow you to hang tools on them so they don’t get damaged or misplaced. Pegboards are an especially good choice if you want to organize your tools in an orderly way. You can use hooks or nails to hang things on the pegboard as well, such as paint cans and small items that don’ fit into the racks.

If you have an old cabinet, the chances are that you could easily repurpose it for garage storage purposes. Simply paint it if it needs some TLC, before placing things inside it such as cleaning supplies or drills. Bins are another great way to store things like screws and nails. If you label them clearly, you won’t get confused as to what’s inside them.

Get A Workbench Or Utility Cart

Workbenches are great for allowing you to work on projects and to complete tasks in your garage. They are particularly beneficial if your activities require a flat surface to work on.

Utility carts can be super helpful when moving items around or when you need some extra storage room. They won’t be an eyesore and they won’t take up floor space like bulky racks and shelving units because they’re mobile.

Add Lamps Or Lighting Fixtures To The Ceiling And Walls

Safety needs to be a key consideration when you get your garage kitted out with a new facelift. Place lighting near your workbench so you can see better see what you are doing when using power tools or more intricate work.

Bright lights also make life easier for people with poor vision, or who like working in the evening when it gets dark outside.

Purchase A Rubber Mat

A floor mat is great for reducing noise as well as making it easier to clean up spills. In turn, it will protect your floor from stains and marks.  Rubber mats are particularly good because they have anti-slip properties. Mats come in an array of different styles and colors, providing great looks and durability at affordable prices.

If you put some of these tips into practice it may need some work and financial investment on your part. Having said that, the results will be that your garage will seem more spacious, tidy, safe, organized, and attractive looking. You’ll be happier to spend time there doing your various jobs, be they car-related or something else.

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