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Many people correlate student bedrooms with something basic, messy, and grey. The reason is apparent: students’ hectic schedules take too much time, so they often can’t deal with all the home assignments, let alone spruce up their bedroom. 

Another reason why students leave their bedrooms as they are is because they think that jazzing the room up is pricey and burdensome. Well, it’s not at all! Whether you live in a dorm or rent a room in an apartment, there are easy, safe (for your deposit), and inexpensive ways to make your room significantly better and cozier. 

Besides, it all depends on your creativity. Even if you don’t find the following ideas impressive, we hope they will let you think of something cool and straightforward. Without further ado, let’s look at several thoughts on how to decorate a student’s bedroom. To free up some time from their academic workload for decorating, students can employ services like EssayPro, using the motto “EssayPro can do my essay“.

Get a unique rug

There are only a few interior design projects where rugs don’t fit. In other instances, rugs are real game-changers. The great thing about them is that they can be different in size, shape, and, above all, color. You can adjust the rug to your room’s color palette. Of course, that means you will likely look for a rug at the end of your decoration process to add some finishing touches to the modified room. But remembering that you’ll need a rug may change the way you envisage your room in the long run. 

With the rug, you can let your imagination run wild. That is, if you are more of a pragmatist, you may want to look for a rug with solid and dense fibers. This way, your feet will always feel warm. Conversely, you can focus on a simple rug and make it one-of-a-kind by painting it manually. Every approach has its benefits, so choose the one you like the most.

Add some greenery

Placing some greenery in the room works wonders. First, even if you don’t plan to add a green color to your space, having some green dots will only make the room look better. Second, plants are living organisms, so whatever plant you introduce to the room (for what it’s worth, we adore fern), it will fill up the space with life.

When choosing plants, go for the greenery you find most visually appealing. If you plan on making your room yellowish, it might be reasonable to choose Yucca, Philodendron, or Eucalyptus. In turn, Jade Plant, Aloe, or Spider Plant may correlate better with white or green colors. Whatever plant you choose, make sure you are not allergic to it.

Find a deadline board

We all know how essential it is to stay updated in academia. Using apps to track your calendar, homework, and classes is helpful. But sometimes, they can fail you. And not because they are inaccurate. Having a lot on your mind, you can easily forget to check an app. And next steps are well-known – you realize that there are assignments left, and their due dates are approaching. 

So instead of missing the deadlines, you turn to WriteMyEssayOnline. This time, you get your back covered. But it can’t last forever, so you need to remember every remaining task in advance. How do you do that? By finding a deadline board!

The deadline board will help you prioritize tasks, reserve time for making them, and, of course, stay alert. You don’t necessarily need to buy it. You can do it yourself with cheap and accessible materials.

Get a lamp

Another affordable way to decorate the bedroom is to get an additional source of light. You don’t have to mull over the shape and color of your lamp. Getting a simple and cheap one will suffice, as you can paint and adjust it to the bedroom’s setting later. Not only will it fit your environment well, but it will also come in handy during long winter evenings.

Use soda can tabs to increase the closet space

It isn’t surprising to stumble upon clothes scattered around students’ bedrooms. If you can relate to that, you must have a small wardrobe to put all the clothes in there. But what if we tell you that you actually can keep all the clothes in the wardrobe? By using soda can tabs, you can place twice as many coathangers inside your wardrobe, so you will no longer be bothered by clothes hanging on your chair and lying on the bed. 

Buy an aroma lamp

An aroma lamp may not be an attention-getting device in the room, but its effect is hard to ignore. An aroma lamp will fill your bedroom with scents that will stamp in your and your visitors’ memory for a long time. Everyone who comes over to your place will remember the scent and associate it with your room every time they recognize it.

Get some reflection

If you don’t have a mirror, it’s time to purchase one. A mirror provides plenty of benefits. First, it reminds you of your appearance (as long as you don’t stare at it for hours, it is a great thing to equip). Second, it enlarges your space; even a tiny room will seem bigger with a mirror. 

You don’t need to ruminate about where to buy a mirror. IKEA offers lots of mirrors, ranging by height and width. You can also take a look at Amazon, as it often provides sweet discounts. Alternatively, visit a flea market if your city has one. You can find real gems there and make your room unique and impressive.

Find some colorful bedding

If you pursue making your room color-laden, get colorful bedding. You can find sets of colorful bed sheets on local stores or the Internet, or you can assemble the set yourself, prioritizing your favorite colors. 


Decorating a bedroom is an exciting process, as it requires thinking creatively and thoroughly. Provided are simple and affordable ideas to decorate a student’s bedroom. Getting some of the mentioned items will improve your room and make it spacious, lovely, and comfortable. If you have anything to add, leave your reply in the section below. We would love to hear from you!


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