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When it comes to interior design, many people are looking for ways to make their homes look more rustic. Whether it’s the wooden furniture they buy or the use of winter farmhouse decorations, there is plenty of room for creativity when it comes to this style. If you’re wondering where to start, here are 6 interior design tips that will help you achieve a rustic feel in your own home.

What Is The ‘Rustic’ Look?

Rustic is a design style that uses natural textures and pieces to make your home seem like it was built by hand. It often has what people call an ‘unfinished’ look, without any of the trappings or frills that are commonly found in more modern styles.

To create this look for yourself you’ll need several key features:

  • Original handmade details
  • Painted walls with lots of texture
  • Vintage lighting
  • Heavy wood furniture with rough edges

1. Wooden Wall Panels

They have been around for centuries, and they are a great way of adding rustic charm into your home d├ęcor. They work particularly well as an accent feature in rooms that already incorporate quite a bit of wood because it gives them continuity and flow. The key with wooden paneling is to use ones with different shades and textures rather than them all looking identical.

The internet is a great place to find what you need in this respect. When it comes to wall panels you can choose the thickness and species (ash, cork, oak, pine or walnut), as well as the finish (lacquered, natural, oil, unfinished). Whether it’s acoustic or non-acoustic panels, reclaimed wall panels or veneered, there are specialist websites that can help you.

2. Replace Your Carpets With Hardwood Floors

Carpets are a great way to add warmth and softness to your home. However, they can also trap dirt which is not good for allergies or asthma. With hardwood floors, you get the nice look of carpet without all the dust particles that come with it. They’re easier to clean before guests come over, and hardwood floors don’t trap odors like carpet does.

With hardwood flooring, you’re getting one of the most versatile and durable types of flooring on the market today. It can be installed in any room, including kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms or hallways. There’s a variety of hardwoods to choose from that come in different colors and finishes. Modern hardwoods have more color variations than ever before so you can choose according to how much light comes into your home during the day, and how rustic you want it to look.

3. Add A Rustic Rug To Your Living Room

If you have large areas of wooden flooring, you may still want some places that are soft on your feet and that can provide a focal point to the room. A rustic rug can be a great way to enhance the look of any living room or bedroom. Once again, there are many different types and colors from which to choose, so you can easily find one that matches your chosen style.

Rustic rugs can add warmth to your rooms and you can easily move them around if needed. You could even have several different rustic rugs throughout each room for variety. They help create an inviting atmosphere and they’re also great for covering up marks on the floor or carpet. A high-quality rustic rug is easy to clean and it will last for many years if it’s taken care of correctly.

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4. Put Up Some Framed Nature Photos

When decorating your home, there is nothing that says cozy more than nature photos. Framed pictures of the woods, animals and waterfalls are a must-have for any rustic style space. It may be that you are able to use some of your own artwork or photos for your picture frames. There are likely city parks near your home that will allow for beautiful photo opportunities even when it is cold out. Also, try some black and white photography to get a new perspective for your pictures.

In terms of frames, you could choose a wood that either matches your wooden floors or that is a different color. Look for picture frames at thrift stores and yard sales to find the perfect wood frame with an interesting shape, size and pattern on it. You can also choose from many options online if you want something custom-made that fits into your rustic decorating scheme perfectly.

5. Hang Some Old-Fashioned Lanterns

Close your eyes and imagine a cozy rustic home: You can smell the delicious food cooking in the kitchen and you see warm lights surrounding you from old-fashioned lanterns. It is one of those images that makes us want to stay there forever.

Old-fashioned lanterns will add a rustic vibe to your home and give the space an old feel. They can be found at most home improvement stores and they come in various shapes, designs, and sizes. Everyone has those old glass jars that you used to collect pencils in as a kid, so use them! The best place for hanging some old-time lamps would be the ceiling. You can tie them to an old beam using string or wire, to ensure that they won’t fall down when someone walks beneath them.

6. Buy Some Wooden Furniture

You may need to replace your modern-style furniture with something older and more authentic if you want a rustic-looking home. Be sure to choose pieces that are made of wood or leather. Leather chairs and sofas bring out the natural elements of a room while subtlety hiding stains from children and pets. Wood tables provide a nice contrast to other furnishing choices as well as being durable against wear and tear.

When you view these 6 tips side by side you get a fuller picture of what a rustic home really looks like. If you apply some of these ideas to your house it will feel cozier, especially during the cold winter months. Whether your budget is large or small, there will be some exciting changes you can make right now.


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