Your gardening activities slow down for the winter as plants go into hibernation, but that doesn’t mean your yard has to become an eyesore. These are 10 ways to beautify your winter garden and maintain your landscaping even when most plants can’t grow. A few simple projects could transform your property in a single afternoon.

1. Add Weatherproof Decor

Decor always looks good in gardens, but you should ensure your new decor is weatherproof. Freezing temperatures and ice shouldn’t crack pottery or make paint start to peel. Look into small fixtures that match your preferred design style and add color and life to your hibernating garden.

2. Lay Fresh Mulch

Mulch is a helpful tool that protects your garden and freshens it up. A new layer untouched by weathering or decay will insulate any root systems left behind from the fall or bulbs waiting until spring. While the temperatures fluctuate above the ground, your plants will stay safe and thrive when the warm weather comes back around.

3. Look Into Winter Berries

Some plants thrive during winter and produce colorful berries that double as yard decor. Look into varieties like the winterberry holly plant. The bright red fruit will catch your eye as you watch the snow fall around your property.

4. Find a Sculpture

Sculptures are easy ways to beautify your winter garden. They come in all shapes and sizes, so you can fit them anywhere. Look for a statue that becomes an outdoor focal point with features like a waterfall or architectural details that match your home.

5. Coordinate Your Window Boxes

If your home has window boxes, plant winter flowers in them and around your garden. The matching aesthetics will complement each other and provide more greenery to your property during the coldest months of the year.

6. Install a Walkway

Stepping stones can create a gorgeous walkway for all of your gardening needs. Install them during the winter to avoid fighting the sod that grows around each piece. All you’d need to do is lay the pavers and cut the sod around each stone with an edger.

7. Hang a Bird Feeder

Birds will love to visit your yard if you make or hang a bird feeder around your garden. Their natural colors will pop against the snow-dusted tree branches, but consider what else you’re growing around the area. They could pose a danger to bushes with berries or future plants that will require harvesting because they’ll revisit your yard for extra snacks.

8. Consider New Lighting

It’s never too late to install new lighting around your yard. Spotlights, an artful lamppost, or bollard lights will fit into any sized garden without being too bright. Position them around your favorite plants or new art fixtures to show off your updated yard during dinner parties under the stars.

9. Build a Rock Wall

Your property might not need a retaining wall, but you can still build a rock wall along your garden for aesthetic appeal. Find a building plan that works with your schedule or consult with contractors to see what they can create. It’s a great way to permanently beautify your winter garden without adding more plants.

10. Plant Evergreen Bushes

You can never go wrong with evergreen bushes or trees. They’ll thrive during every growing season and give your garden a bold look throughout the winter. You can find mature evergreen plants at local plant nurseries, so compare prices to get the best deal for an immediate garden improvement.

Beautify Your Winter Garden

These are just a few ways to beautify your winter garden, so think about which ideas work best for your property. Whether you’re working with a budget or have a uniquely shaped yard, you’ll find the best garden upgrades by exploring these new ideas.

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