DIY projects are easily and readily available on the internet. Just search what you want to do and out goes numerous articles that are supposed to help you with whatever project you have in mind. 

Most of the time DIY projects are meant to help people save on money and also allow us to be more creative with the tools we have around us. However, not everything can or should be done by ourselves and one of these is asbestos removal in our homes.

What is asbestos anyway?

Asbestos rose to fame during the 20th century because of fire-resistant capabilities. It was a popular choice for building and homes from the 40s-70s since it acted as a very reliable heat insulator and helped maintain the integrity of the home in case of fire. It was also very affordable. 

Asbestos can be found in parts of the home such as shingles, flooring, columns and ceiling. 

When people started renovating their homes in the 70s, the asbestos that initially kept them safe and warm was discovered to be extremely hazardous and dangerous by scientists. By the early 21st century, asbestos was banned in 66 countries around the world.  

There are still countries that continue to use asbestos in construction. 

Health Risks 

Asbestos wasn’t the good guy people thought it was. It was a fibrous material and many were unaware that they were inhaling microscopic particles of asbestos in the very air they breathe, ultimately causing diseases such as asbestosis, lung cancer and mesothelioma.

The thing about asbestos is that its fibre is hardly ever seen by the naked eye. You think you might be handling asbestos with care, when in fact you might unknowingly be inhaling its fibres which could be a danger to your health. 


Asbestos is so dangerous that there is even a disease that’s named after it. 

Asbestosis is the inhalation of asbestos fibres that causes scarring in the lungs. If that doesn’t sound bad enough, your breathing will be greatly affected. Your restricted breathing means that not enough oxygen is flowing through your body, causing vital organs to function abnormally. If this is not treated early, you could die of cardiac failure. 

Lung Cancer

Lung cancer isn’t just caused by smoking; you can also develop it when you inhale asbestos fibres. These fibres get stuck in the lung tissues which causes cellular and genetic damage. This, in turn, develops into cancerous cells. 


Mesothelioma is a rare type of cancer that is hard to detect and only affects the lining of the abdomen, chest, heart and lungs. Common symptoms of this disease include shortness of breath and chest pains. 

The thing about mesothelioma is that it’s pretty hard to detect unless it spreads to other parts of the body. When this happens, life expectancy of those who suffer from mesothelioma lasts up to 12 months only. 

Call Professionals 

DIY projects are certainly a wise way to save on cash, but sometimes it’s not just worth the time and effort. 

Attempting to renovate your home when it was built before the 70s can be a hazardous undertaking since you might unknowingly be handling asbestos. Even if you elect to wear protective clothing and gear, asbestos removal of your own is still not a smart thing to do. 

Call a professional to perform asbestos testing Victoria today for a hassle-free and safe service that you can trust. Don’t put your health and welfare on the line — invest in professional services right now! 

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