9 kinds of border fence for your garden landscape

If you have a garden landscape, installing a border fence is really important. Even when you live in a good safety area where there is no criminal case, the border fence is not only about that. We do recommend you have the border fence no matter what the size of the garden that you have. Whether it is small or spacious, you should install it. No need to worry about the budget because it can be adjusted for sure. There are some benefits to having a border fence for your garden landscape as follows:

  1. To protect the garden. There are some threats to your garden not only from humans but also animals. Installing a border fence will protect the garden from the dog pee in your garden. You can also keep the garden not to being stepped on by the kids out there.
  2. To keep the privacy. It won’t be comfortable to spend your time in the garden while being stared at by strangers. You need your privacy, right?
  3. To maintain the safety. It can’t be doubted that the villain can enter your house area from the garden. That is why, the protection is not only on your door but also on your garden area.

Basically, the border fence is divided into two kinds, those are the fence and the hedge. In choosing the best border fence for your garden landscape, you can consider your budget. Not only for the price of the materials but also for how spacious your landscape will be. If you have only a small one, you may install the expensive border fence since you only need a small amount of the fence (in case you have a budget limitation). Here we will show you some best border fences that you can have so that you can consider on budget and your garden landscape needs.


The fence can be said as the more safety border than the hedge. This is because the material of the fence can be a durable and strong one that won’t be penetrated easily. The material of the fence can be really varied and can be chosen based on your budget and the environmental conditions around your house. Here are some examples of the fence that you can have for your garden landscape border fence.



Galvalume will be durable and need low maintenance. Even when it is not as sturdy as the metal, galvalume can be a good alternative in case your budget is not enough to install the metal material. Galvalume Fence from @brick.rocket

Bracket Gravel


This kind of fence will be really strong and sturdy. Besides, it is also aesthetic for sure. This fence also uses natural materials that will be a perfect one for the garden. Bracket Gravel Fence from @cld.systems

Red Brick Fence


The red brick will be able to bring a classic impression. It is great for a nostalgic feeling in the garden. Just like what we have here, the red brick won’t be boring because you can have indentation/any other arrangement style with the red brick. Red Brick Fence from @simplysoutherncottage

Wood Fence


The wood material is the most common material that people use for the border fence. You can surely add any design impression for the fence. In this garden, the wood is painted in black color for a masculine and sturdy look. Wood Fence from @leegray_landscapedesign

Metal Fence


This one is an example of a metal border fence that is not installed in the form of a metal pallet. The metal is made into wire and then framed with the metal beam for a more sturdy design. Metal Fence from @leegray_landscapedesign


The hedge is the border that uses plants. There are varied plants that you can use for your border fence (hedge). The hedge will be cheaper but needs good maintenance because you have to make it proper enough to function as the fence. Then, you should also make it presentable. Another benefit of having the hedge is that you can have a great border in your landscape. The plants or greeneries will always be the best ones to be seen in the garden right?

Bamboo Hedge


The bamboo can grow really high which will be perfect for a border fence. Besides, bamboo is also aesthetic with its tropical impression. There are some different kinds of bamboo plants and you can choose the ones based on your taste. Bamboo Hedge from @harrisonslandscaping

Prunus Lusitanica


Even when only small, Prunus Lusitanica can bloom flowers. In case you want something prettier for your border fence, this plant is the perfect choice without being overserving at all. Prunus Lusitanica from @plantmark



Evergreen will only need low maintenance. It will also stay alive no matter what the season and the weather is going on. We recommend you to have the evergreen as your border fence if you live in four seasons country. Evergreen from @curtissteiner

Limelight Hydrangea


Pretty! is the impression of this border fence plant. It will have flowers in big bloom which will create such a pretty ambiance in the garden. the color is white with green/yellow hints that will make it not too much. Limelight Hydrangea from @growformegardening

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