Anyone who has spent a lot of time walking through the city’s sidewalks can scoff at the idea that concrete is a trend in residential and commercial decor. There’s a concept that gray is a bland and uninspiring color. Then the ubiquitous perception of the building material to be cold. But veraciously, decor concrete can be a surprisingly versatile and elegant addition to any home if you know how to use it.

When we think about changing our home decor, one of the first things that come to mind is the materials. Many versatile and opulent sets in the market are why exposed concrete goes unnoticed. As it is a more contemporary décor, with an industrial footprint exposed concrete, it can be an elegant and versatile option for different house parts from walls to counters and shelves.

Concrete decors can be put into many things, from kitchen countertops and lavatories to bedroom walls and tile floors. Thus, concrete in the interior conveys an unexpected sense of streamlined modernism that works in a rustic and minimalist manner of homes themes. Its soft tone also serves as a neutral base for colored infusions and uses textures of all kinds.

Based on these possibilities of introducing concrete into a decorative project. In this blog, we from Blue World City will try to show some great options for you to use this material in the renovation of your apartment or condominium houses in Islamabad and some valuable tips so that you are always well-aware of the use and beauty that this material can have. 

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The most efficient point that should be considered is that concrete is one of the cheapest materials to use.  Despite its very sophisticated look and being the choice of high-end decorators, the reason is very straightforward. The exposed concrete does not require any finishing like any other material no need to apply plaster and paint, not even extra care.


For this reason, it has been a likable choice for the construction and renovation companies both for use in new developments and renovations to give a property a new modish look. The only attention that matters is the application of varnish or other suitable coatings to maintain the excellent condition of the chosen material. This reason becomes especially important when discussing outdoor use, as it can be exposed to bad weather. At park view city, you’ll find the most reasonable costs ever.  


The use of exposed cement can also give the property an elegant look, primarily when used outdoors, in combination with plants and wood accents. Talking with certainty that the use of material values ​​can increase the property’s price in the case of an appraisal of a residential property, as it is a durable material that will hardly need to be changed.


Also, another eminent benefit is that installation on floors, for example, is clean and straightforward, unlike most property modifications. That’s because the concrete comes pre-sealed and pre-polished, significantly reducing dirt. 


Another myth about apparent cement is that it leaves the environment coldest regarding temperature. Adhesive material makes thermal comfort more suitable, and the ambient temperature remains stable, not necessarily more relaxed. For all these reasons, it is today considered an indispensable material for renovation or construction, primarily due to its versatility, which allows it to be integrated into any decoration style of apt for sale.


If you’re interested in this trend – and live in a very modern house – consider adding a concrete wall. Then, mix warm textures like pale woods and soft sheets to add warmth. Use a spatula to layer in various colors and textures for a more complex look.

With all these advantages, if you desire to change the floor of your room that has grown old, you can’t wait to use this material in your home. We have some recommendations for you to make the best use of it. First, understand which room or area the material will be best used. It could be that if you spend a lot on cleaning facades, investing to turn them into exposed concrete might be a good idea.


The fact for use on facades is that this material has already established itself as one of the best options, being modern, practical, and durable. It is very beneficial for the pocket and presents several options.

The use of facades can be considered the best option in the medium and long term since only the varnish may need maintenance to keep it in the state in which it was placed. One of the most significant expenses of the owners is with the painting of facades, which needs to be done periodically, with annual recurrence or, at most, every three years, depending on the chosen color.

For use in bathrooms, the material has everything to be the ideal replacement for a marble countertop or an entire wall of exposed concrete, which already integrates the countertop and the space that will be the sink.

In addition to being very aesthetically pleasing, concrete is a durable material. With the correct varnish application, it will also last in damp environments such as the bathroom without causing damage to its structure.


If you feel like it, it is also possible to make tables, benches, shelves, wardrobes, all kinds of elements added to the property according to the residents’ needs, using exposed concrete to ensure a more laid-back feel. An exciting option is to take advantage of its use for columns and even for stairs, as the material serves precisely this type of purpose and will be very stable, in addition to being bold.

Although it is an unusual option, the use of exposed concrete on the ceiling can bring a very modern and unexpected result, being the ideal complement for a kitchen with a more industrial style, which values ​​the material even more. For more tips and suggestions, visit Tajarat Properties

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