The living room is one of the spots most valued by residents. After all, it is one of the places where people meet, whether for residents to do something together (like a family game) or to entertain friends and other family members. Therefore, it is a place that generates a lot of affection for everyone involved, and the living room decoration is directly linked to the well-being of those moments.

In addition, this moment that we are going through also brought a series of new trends to the internal environments. After all, as we spend more time at home, it is expected that many of them are aligned with making environments more comfortable, functional, and in line with our style.

So, check out 8 living room decor trends brought to you by the team of park view city and see how to use them in your home. Good reading!


A fascinating trend is the creation of integrated environments, which bring greater fluidity between rooms. And a classic case is the integration between kitchen and dining space.


An example is breaking the dividing wall between the kitchen and the dining room, using an American countertop. With this, whoever is preparing the dishes can have access to the people in the dining room, interestingly creating integrated environments.


As we are spending more time at home, we start to notice how, many times, our environment looks “dead” in our daily lives. Therefore, since 2020, one of the significant trends with this current scenario is to bring nature into your home.


So, some interesting points are:

  • have spaces with more plants internally;
  • use more rustic elements, mainly wood, in the decoration;
  • bet on shades of green and brown;
  • Use flowers (including artificial ones if you don’t have a lot of time to care).


Another exciting point to be aware of when creating your home decor concerns the most significant current materials. And two have stood out a lot: the use of woods and metals.

Wood can be applied, for example, on floors, coverings, and furniture in the most different environments. It is also an attractive material, as it generates a feeling of warmth and comfort, in addition to marrying practically all styles, being a wild material.


On the other hand, metals bring a more modern and industrial feel to their environments and can be adopted in supports for plant vases, lighting fixtures, furniture bases, among others. It is usually used with a black finish and oxidized materials, but you can apply it according to your environment’s preferences and styles.


This is a definite trend in interior decoration, mainly due to all the issues that the pandemic brought to our daily lives. After all, as we started to stay more at home and, therefore, many of our activities started to be carried out in this environment (for example, physical exercise and home office), the settings started to demand changes.


For example, you can create a space in your living room to place your desk (for instance, with a sideboard-shaped table behind the sofa) and create a Zen space, with pillows and mats on the floor and decorations that resemble that environment.

Thus, your living room becomes not only a place for socializing with people daily but also a multifunctional space in which you can carry out a series of tasks and, thus, have greater functionality in your home.


Earth tones are always a strong trend and continue to rise this year. They allow you to freshen your environment and work the lighting very interestingly.


One option is to opt for a mix between more neutral tones with colors. This can be adopted with functional furniture or decorative objects. The result is fascinating.


Another trend is to bring indoor air to homes, through a rustic ambiance. Once again, this new moment has its tone of influence for this trend.


After all, the rustic decor brings a feeling of greater comfort, often referring to environments that were part of our childhood (for example, visiting grandma’s house). So, if you want to bring these memories and be in line with one of the main decor trends for the living room, this is a great option!


2021 is coming to an end, and it is time to assess which colors will be trending for 2022, creating an environment with the most up-to-date decor. Thus, it is also possible to find more decoration items, as it is a big trend.


Soon Pantone, one of the excellent references in design, will release the color for 2022. But we can already assume that it will be a shade of pink. That’s because Coloro and WGSN, who are also aware of current trends, chose Orchid Flower as the color for 2022.


Working with natural lighting can be an excellent alternative for those looking for more incredible lightness in their daily lives. With this, it is also possible to enjoy a feeling of welcome and enhance the ventilation of environments. With that, you have a greater sense of well-being. At Taj residencia, you have the amazing opportunity to design your house according to the light source, which is a big benefit. 


The living room decor can be in line with current trends. With this, it is possible to guarantee greater comfort and beauty for the environment and guarantee an environment that suits you. And it’s also possible to unite several of the trends we’ve listed here. Knowing how to work with them harmoniously, you can have a great, functional, and pleasant room for everyone.

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