7 pretty ways to mix patterns when decorating fi

Decorating a home with more patterns can give us more benefits as long as we are able to mix them in a good way. Incorporating them will be such a challenging thing that will improve our home or make all things broken. It is in your hand. How to layer patterns in styles and scales properly? You will need several tips that we gathered below to get an interesting room decoration with patterns combination. Combine pillows, throws, furniture, curtain, or even rug with different patterns as follows.

7 pretty ways to mix patterns when decorating 1

Simple Rug and Bold Wallpaper

Simple rug and bold wallpaper


This chic workspace with tribal patterns will make you feel cozy. No matter how many projects you do today in this room, you will enjoy every second of the process. The bold wallpaper and simple rug pattern make this workspace cozy and interesting.

Different Floor Coverings

Different floor coverings


Layering rugs might become one of the best ways to improve your room with more patterns. Mixing patterns can cause a crowded decoration. However, if you can mix them properly, even two different rugs can create a cool appearance.

With an Oversized Pattern Rug

See the oversized pattern rug that becomes the main role in this area. It works well with accent pillows. We love the different scale patterns that look so mind-blowing. The shibori tie-dyed cushions will be the most favorite ones in this room.

Create A Sense Of Cohesion With Patterns

This living room with futon sofas looks so gorgeous and chic. With Turkish accent pillows, the room shows different colors and patterns clearly. Then, we love the Moroccan day beds that improve this decor.

Boho Room With Vibrant Patterns

This room shows a pale blue wall that works well with various textiles. For the one who loves bohemian styles, this room can be one of the ways to upgrade a room with more patterns. It seems like you are in a paradise.

Geometric In Monochromatic Color Scheme

We see two large prints on the wall that enrich this room with patterns. Then, the second pattern is seen on the two chairs to support the main role of the prints. This room looks more eyecatching with a zigzag wool rug. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Different Patterns on Living Room

The main role of this living room is seen on the rug with the large geometric shapes. Those rugs are in different size that works well with each other. Furthermore, the two smaller patterned pillows support the main role and create such an interesting view.

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