5 things to consider when you want to layer rugs fi

Adding rugs in a room can improve or break the decor. They set up the tone of the entire space and become the main role. There are various rugs with different shapes, patterns, and colors. What about layering them? Sure, it can make or break your room decor. You can layer rugs for your living room, kids’ room, or even, bedroom. However, you have to be able to mix those layers to avoid a crowded look. Consider our tips below before layering rugs for your room!

5 things to consider when you want to layer rugs 1

Use Multiple Colors And Patterns

Use multiple colors and patterns


You can try to apply a sisal rug over a jute rug or vice versa. You may need several times to find the best layering combination for you. Or, you are free to put on a soft rug after a flat weave rug. Make sure you choose colors that will not break up your room tone.

Layering Patterned Rugs

Layering patterned rugs


Well, it is definitely not easy to layer patterned rugs with each other. However, it is still possible to do. In this term, you should think deeply before mixing two different patterned rugs. Layering two rugs can cause a crowded look. One thing to consider is that don’t layer pastels with jewel tones because they have the same intensity.

Consider the Color

What is your rug color? Mixing two same colors will not be interesting. You need to use complementary colors to show a pretty and chic look. Choose the bigger color with bold color. Then add the smaller one with other bold colors. Or, you can try other layering ways to find the most proper layering technique for your room.

Highlight the Area

Whether it is a living room, dining room, or other rooms, decide the space that you want to highlight. For example, layer the rugs under a coffee table. Or, you can do this for your kids’ room with two different patterned rugs. You can choose the space under a chest or bench or other special space.

Define the Space For Layering Rugs

Well, when the room looks too big, you can layer rugs in it. However, think over the rug size as well. You can’t add a big rug to a small room, can’t you? Layering them will break up your decor as well. So, consider your room size firstly before layering rugs. When you want to apply an area rug, all the pieces of furniture should sit on the rug. Then, layer the smaller rug to create a definition.

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